Monday, October 01, 2007

Quilt for lil' princess Shasha

Finally a quilt specially for Shasha. I didn't make one for her when she was a baby coz I had made 2 very simple quilts when Hanie was born a year before. All this while, Shasha was using Hanie's 2nd quilt.

I bought the pattern from a local quilt shop. It's their very own pattern And it was baby Alya who picked the pattern from the display rack. By the way, Alya technically is no longer a baby, she now is an active toddler who loves to run & climb and gives mommy a headache.

I finished quilting on Saturday evening. Teddie bears - machine applique'd. I did 'stitch in the ditch' quilting to give the teddies a puffy look. I also quilted some star shapes on the squares.

Since Alya is the one who loves this pattern dearly, I definitely have to make one for her and of course Hanie wouldn't sit still if she were the only one who didn't get a new blankie. In short, two more quilts to finish......