Friday, May 05, 2006

Not doily, but ......

... a crocheted edging turned jewellery set.

Last year, I learned to crochet from my sis-in-law, my 1st project WAS a doily but I've tossed it away. It was about 2.5" in diameter already but I didn't like the way it looks. I didn't try to crochet again. Recently, after sending a dozen of cross stitched pieces to the framer, I decided to take a break from stitching. Then started a simple crochet project, scallop edging, merely for learning process. I like it very much coz it is easy for a beginner like me. I had nothing in mind for finishing-off ideas, then suddenly ... jewellery set !

This ring & bracelet set will go to Angely, our neighbour's 9-year old daughter. We are neighbours twice. First time was years ago when DH & I were newly-weds. Angely sometimes came to our house and chatted with me. She is such a sweet lil' gal. Few years later, DH & I came to Miri. And last November, Angely's family moved back here, their house is 2 rows away (rows of houses).

I started another crochet project - brim hat. But ...

I miscalculated some stitches, it was way too small for a brim hat even for baby Alya, who is now 5-month old. Initially, I wanted to make it into a small sling bag and suddenly a 'basket' idea came out. Was meant to use it for flower arrangement but darling Hanie loves it very much. She is now the proud owner of this little basket.

Progress report on other projects :
I've not been stitching for quite some time now. Anyway, I have finished my ED's For a Friend project about 2 weeks ago. Will upload a pic later.