Thursday, April 28, 2005

Last Week's Stitching

Last week, was a very non-productive week for stitching. After taking a break from stitching, I restart with a XS for my husband's golfbag. He had been asking me to stitch something golf-related for quite sometime actually. I could not find anything suitable until recently. When I saw a small golf pattern, I remembered that I have a freebie luggage tag from Quick & Easy magazine last year. And then I decided to make it into a golfbag tag.

I took one week to finish which was very unlikely for stitching small items. I think after almost a 2 weeks break, my stitching was becoming slower. Dearest husband was very excited when I showed him the tag. He attached it to his golfbag and forgot to snap a picture for me hehehe. Only today, he took a picture of the golfbag tag.

Golf Addix is my husband's blog title.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Freebies and Finishing Ideas

Today, I have done some browsings for my coming projects (needleroll and Mail Art). I saw many beautiful pictures of stitched items. And many stitchers have developed some picture galleries for stitching friends and needlework enthusiasts to show off their craftmanship.

What I really like about their efforts is I do get some inspirations and finishing ideas when i browse through these galleries. And sometimes, I got to know those lovely freebies charts by famous designers.

Last month (as I recalled), I sent out a picture of stitched freebie by Sanman Originals to a lady who has a pictures gallery of freebies. And I was totally forgot about it. When I browsed for some stitching ideas today, I came across with her gallery and saw the picture that I have sent to her. I'm really inspired to stitch this week not only b'coz of the picture, but there are many pictures of beautiful finishing ideas newly uploaded.

What a lovely Monday : ) !

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Green Love

I love greenery ~ from succulents to fruits. You name it. My parents are green-fingers. When I was small, we used to live in a big city. Nevertheless, we frequented the small orchards that they've inherited from my grandparents. There were some tropical fruits trees and herbs e.g. durian, mangoesteen, coconut, lemon-grass and etc etc etc. I still have the vivid memory of seeing the freshly-plucked cardamons. Eventhough, now the orchards have not as many trees as before, once awhile my parents will still go there.

It has been more than 18 years now, my parents are residing in countryside and they grew many green plants in their small garden ever since. I used to think that I am a green-finger just like my parents. Unfortunately, only succulents and cacti can 'get along' with me hehehehe ! Thank goodness, these plants are tough and survive the hot & humid weather here. Well, I guess I have my own way to appreciate greenery. Needlework of course ! What else LOL!
'Formal Garden' - Inspirations magazine

My husband loves greenery as well. He and his friends have their own ways to appreciate green. You will know what I mean when you read his blog *wink*

I'm really envy with my parents and green-fingers out there who can spend their time gardening and growing lovely plants, while stitching something garden-related is good enough for me : )

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

MYS Bellpull Exchange 2005

I participated in MYS (Malaysian_Stitchers Yahoo Group) Bellpull Exchange and the mail out date was April 4th. Despite of that, on the very day I was still 'struggling' with the finishing part for my bellpull hehehe. I was sidetracked from finishing the bellpull on time by stitching some small projects. Too many projects so little time to stitch LOL !

On April 7th, I received a bellpull exchange from Niesa in Sibu. I almost screaming when I opened the envelope. Right away I recognised that the pattern is from US The Cross Stitcher magazine issue February 2005. It was like a dream came true to me when Niesa stitched the pattern for me bcoz I like this sampler pattern. I have taken a picture of the bellpull together with the magazine. The picture does not give it a justice. It's a bit blurry image though, will replace with a better ones. I like the way Niesa finished off the bellpull.

MYS Bellpull Exchange 2005 from Niesa

On April 9th, I sent out my bellpull to Niza in Penang. I finished it on April 7th actually but only had time to go to the Post Office on Friday.

MYS Bellpull Exchange to Niza

The pattern is actually a combination of alphabet and sampler patterns by Jan Eaton. I really enjoyed stitching this bellpull despite the pressure to finish it on time. Not many colour changes. In fact, I only used 3 DMC stranded flosses (solid, variegated & metallic) and 1 Anchor multicolour floss. I got this finishing idea when i browsed some stitchers webshots albums months ago.

I stitched 'WELCOME' but what I would like to say to Niza the most is "Big Thank You" bcoz she inspired me a lot to venture further into cross stitching.

Fickle Minded Round Robin (FM RR)

FM RR is a 3 participants-RR. We decided to have only 3 person in this RR because we would like to finish them before our birthdays. Three of us (Nik, Azie and I) are sharing a birth month, JUNE and we are GEMINIANs. They said Geminians are artistic, expressive and fickle minded. Simply decided 'Fickle Minded' is the best name for our RR.

For the theme, Nik decided to stitch Anna Davidson's alphabet on her RR piece. Azie goes for Oriental Fans (featured in UK Crossstitcher magazine December 2004 issue). And I go for 'Garden Charmers' - small patterns with charms by Imaginating.

I have finished stitching on both Nik & Azie's RR. Now I'm eagerly waiting for my own RR piece to 'return' home, I need to finish stitching my part on it. Hope to finish at least one week before my birthday so that I could get it nicely framed and hang it on the wall on my birthday.

my stitching on Nik's FM RR
This alphabet series is from Anna Davidson's 500 Cross Stitch Blocks . I love this alphabet series. You can also find this series in Cross Stitch Collection magazines (2003 issues - if I'm not mistaken : Sept, Oct, Nov).

my stitching on Azie's FM RR

I definitely will stitch this lotus fan again! It is a fabulous design. I'm going to make it into a wall-hanging.

Stitching RR is a good stitching experience. To follow the tight time schedule helps us to discipline ourselves and motivates us to stitch more. We also will realise what is our true limit/potential. I never knew this before - that I could stitch quite fast *wink*. Adding more patience and passion to our efforts, will definitely boost up our energy to stitch faster.