Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January Works-in-Progress

I signed up for Surprise Exchange and two Valentine Card Exchanges. I've finished them all and will be mailing them out on 2nd February. Will share the pics, soon after the items are safely in the hands of the recipients.

At the moment, I have 2 Works-in-Progress:

'For a Dear Friend' by Elizabeth Designs and a bikini pattern from World of Cross Stitching magazine.

Will keep you update on the progress. I think, I'm able to finish them in February since both of them are merely small patterns.

Lizzie*Kate - January finishes

I stitched 2 of Lizzie*Kate patterns in January.

'Home is where Our Story Begins' - stitched on 14ct rustico aida. I really like the pattern - simple seaside pattern. I'm thinking to hang it together with my SanMan Originals 'By the Sea'.

'Friends Listen with the (HEART)' - stitched on 14ct beige aida. I like the words, reminds me of my long time bestfriend...

L*K patterns are nice and quick to finish, very suitable for a person like me, who currently have less hours to spend on stitching *wink*

January Update -(part II)

I took some time to be back *wink*

OK, here are two more photos of January finishes :

Heart & Flower Bouquet - came across with this pattern in a French-written blog during blog hopping. Stitched over 1 thread on 28ct linen. Initially, I was struggling a bit in counting the threads. Once I got the hang of it, it is kind of fun stitching over 1 thread. The pattern itself is simple to stitch hence made it easier to tackle over 1 thread.

One of
Bent Creek's Forever True patterns, meant for sweets bag as the original wording in the pattern is 'Sweets for d Sweetie' . Stitched on 14ct lilac aida with colour & wording changes and finished it into ornament.

Friday, January 20, 2006

January Update (part I)

Hello everyone. I've not updating my blog for quite some time. I'm pretty busy with my new baby and my other two little princesses. Nevertheless, I managed to resume stitching my WIPs and have some HDs as well. It just that, I didn't have the opportunity to spend much time in front my lappie and update my blog. Only able to read emails and chat a little in YM.

I've started stitching 2 projects in December and put them on hold. Early this year, I resumed stitching and did a finishing touch to one of them.

Garden Gate by Elizabeth Designs , I stitched on 16ct aidaband with colour changes and minor adjustment to the design as the original was stitched/meant for stitching on linen/evenweave. I replaced the blue flowers with pastel blue flower beads. Finished it into a mini welcome sign - I put some butterfly beads to the thread resmbles the fluttering butterflies in a garden.

Another 2005 WIP peice I finished in January is Love Letter, a freebie by The Chocolate Cat
Stitched on 28ct linen using DMC rayon red for glossy effect. This pattern is actually easy to stitch but using rayon floss could make it tricky.

I will continue with Part II. There are some pics of 2006 HDs that I would like to share.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Love Grows

Love Grows by Brittercup Designs, found the pattern in Just Cross Stitch magazine. At first, I failed to notice it as I had several WIPs at that time. How could I overlook this cheery design? I'm glad that I flipped through the magazine again. Pheww !!! 'Love Grows' is simply the kind of patterns that I love to stitch. Stitched on 32ct linen using overdyed flosses with colour changes. Another thing is I used a lap stand while stitching the pattern. A friend sent me the stand for trial & purchase session. I like it and decided to buy.

Farewell 2005, Welcome 2006

Time flies...

2005 was a pretty busy year for me, thus I didn't really realize that time goes by so fast. We bade farewell to 2005 and welcoming 2006 *wink*

Stitching and sewing wise, I accomplished quite a lot things last year. I tried specialty stitches, Assisi, hardanger, chicken scratch and casalguidi for the first time. I stitched lots of pieces and made quite a number and variety of finishing touches e.g. bellpulls, bookmarks, ornaments, needlebooks, sweet bag, sachets and etc. And tried stitching on linens and evenweaves - I love it ! My stash collection has became bigger and bigger *LOL*

Other crafts - the revival of my cardmaking skill and learnt a lot of current styles of cardmaking and scrapbooking. My SIL taught me how to crochet ! But I'm quite clumsy with the needle & yarn, and yet to complete my first doily...hmmmm

Stitching wise, I'm looking forward to stitching more specialty stitches patterns. My focus pieces will be Elizabeth's Designs Welcome Stitching Club and cottage series. I've signed up for MYS Surprise Exchange 2006 (a whole-year exchange with 6 items to be stitched & sewn) which means I have to stitch an item bimonthly. I also plan to stitch patterns in my stash collection i.e. not to purchase more charts this year (I'm trying......hehehehe)

Sewing wise, Alya's quillow will be my focus piece. And would love to try paper-pieced quilting and other techniques of applique' quilting. I only tried fusible-web hand applique' technique so far which I think is the easiest one.

Other crafts - Well, I'm sure there will always be temptations for other crafts. We'll see...

Happy Stitching and Sewing ! Happy New Year!

* quillow ~ 2-in-1 quilt, it is a quilt sewn to be fold into an attached pouch and it will become a pillow. Suitable for travelling and sleepovers.