Friday, January 20, 2006

January Update (part I)

Hello everyone. I've not updating my blog for quite some time. I'm pretty busy with my new baby and my other two little princesses. Nevertheless, I managed to resume stitching my WIPs and have some HDs as well. It just that, I didn't have the opportunity to spend much time in front my lappie and update my blog. Only able to read emails and chat a little in YM.

I've started stitching 2 projects in December and put them on hold. Early this year, I resumed stitching and did a finishing touch to one of them.

Garden Gate by Elizabeth Designs , I stitched on 16ct aidaband with colour changes and minor adjustment to the design as the original was stitched/meant for stitching on linen/evenweave. I replaced the blue flowers with pastel blue flower beads. Finished it into a mini welcome sign - I put some butterfly beads to the thread resmbles the fluttering butterflies in a garden.

Another 2005 WIP peice I finished in January is Love Letter, a freebie by The Chocolate Cat
Stitched on 28ct linen using DMC rayon red for glossy effect. This pattern is actually easy to stitch but using rayon floss could make it tricky.

I will continue with Part II. There are some pics of 2006 HDs that I would like to share.


liltouch said...

Love the ED Garden Gate & the Love Letter... they're absolutely nice !!

Isabelle said...

Hi Zalita, I miss you but who wouldn't understand that you don't have time for blogging! :)
Your finishes are lovely, I especially love the Elizabeth designs piece - adorable. I love the way you finished it!

Take care :)

Kim said...

Your two projects look fantastic! Both turned out great, love the finishing.

~Harsha~ said...

they're both adorable Cheez!!

z_mnor said...

Azie@LT, Kim & Harsha Thank you ;-)

Isabelle Thanks and I miss you too and everybody. Will do blog hopping today to see everybody's lovely finishes

Golf Addix said...

wonder why my bini never mention busy layan me as well.

Gina E. said...

Great to see you back, Zalita - I have been patiently checking in, but figured you would be busy with the newest Little Person. I love that reference to the two other little cute!
Your latest stitching is gorgeous as usual.

z_mnor said...

Darling@GA busy layan you as well, indeed! hehehehe

Gina Thank you. Been busy with kids and forgot that I wanted to email you. Will do it later :-)