Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lizzie*Kate - January finishes

I stitched 2 of Lizzie*Kate patterns in January.

'Home is where Our Story Begins' - stitched on 14ct rustico aida. I really like the pattern - simple seaside pattern. I'm thinking to hang it together with my SanMan Originals 'By the Sea'.

'Friends Listen with the (HEART)' - stitched on 14ct beige aida. I like the words, reminds me of my long time bestfriend...

L*K patterns are nice and quick to finish, very suitable for a person like me, who currently have less hours to spend on stitching *wink*


~Harsha~ said...

hey cheeze.. i like your version of home is where our story begins.. mine is framed. yet to upload the pic into my blog.. might do it soon :)

z_mnor said...


Pls do so, would love to see it!

Rozita said...

Good choice! I love that SanMans freebie too..