Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Flossbook for Joanne

The Stitching Accessories themed Mail Art has safely reached Joanne ! I picked this Mary Garry Sewing Cabin complimentary chart from my collection, I didn't even know its existence until the day that I wanted to start stitching the MA. Stitched using DMC flosses as per charted and did slight changes to pattern. I was pretty skeptical with the colourway intially (it is not the usual colourway I use), but changed my mind completely after I've done stitching.

I made an attempt to make another 2-in-1 mail art. The 1st one is MA cum draw string pouch that I did for Zarina (for Primitive style Mail Art Exchange).

This time is a flossbook for Joanne. The picture quality is not as good as I wanted. Will try to get some pics from Joanne later.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mail Art for Niza

Niza had received it! I picked this pattern from UK Cross Stitcher magazine and actually a greetings card pattern. I omit a bit from the original pattern to give some space for recipient's address.
Closure - white butterfly button and lilac tying ribbon. Err... is there such white butterfly out there or should I just write it as 'moth' hehehehe. I also put a 'Velcro dot' for more practical closure. I lined the mail art with flutters and bugsies print fabric.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My 1st Foundation Pieced !

I went to ' Foundation Piecing/Paper Piecing' lesson on Saturday. I chose to bring own patterns for the class. i downloaded this 'Golf' pattern from one of the websites. I forgot which site, will update on the name/link later.

Block size - 8" X 8". It took me 3 hours to piece them up. Phewww! I'm glad that I made a decision to go to the class instead of self-taught. If you might noticed, the golf club is a bit dented. Nooo, the pattern is perfecto!!! it was me who didn't press the pieces well enough before sewing them up.

Straight after the class, I sat down and finished the block into a cushion cover as per requested by my darling hubby. I personalized it by hand-stitching his blog's name. I did stitch in the ditch quilting on the outline of golf ball & club and stipple quilting on the background , unfortunately you couldn't see it clearly in the picture.

There are 4 remaining lessons to complete. For the upcoming lesson, I have chose the 'Ladybug' pattern.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Another mini quilt

It is rather an experimental. Playing with prints, shapes and colour combination. The front - I used a fabric with colourful squares print. Binding - matching checkered fabric. The backing - pink floral print to match the binding.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mail Art from Niza

I received a mail art from Niza! She said that it would be her final piece since she will no longer stitching mail arts due to some reasons. She already had a huge collection of them anyway *wink*

She stitched a chart from Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin. This designer is no longer making new designs. I'm really glad to have a stitched piece with a Mary Garry design on it.

Mail arts by Niza have a distinctive feature - she always used batik prints to line them. And I simply love the batik print that she picked for me. Thank you Niza.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A week of ....

.... patchwork & quilting. Last week was definitely a Patchwork & Quilting week for me.

On Monday, Zarina, my dear stitching friend in Penang was sharing her excitement. She began to fall in love with patchwork & quilting and started off a table runner project. I was so inspired by her story.

And on Tuesday, I made a mini quilt, size 10"X10". This is actually my 2nd mini quilt. I've done one last year for our darling Shasha who loves miniature thingies. She claimed that this time is also meant for her. Hmmmm... let me think first *LOL*
I chose autumn colours fabrics. Size of each small square is 2"X2". And sashing is 2" width. Not including seam allowance. Hand quilted. I'm thinking of doing more mini quilts since they are quick to finish. You could make one to three pieces a day depends on your quality of sewing machine and your sewing skill.

On Wednesday, went the nearest needlecraft shop - having a sale until the month end. Bought some fabric stash and inquired on their 'Foundation Piecing' classes. I'm really interested and thinking to start a lesson soon.

Thursday - spent the day flipping through all Patchwork & Quilting magazines and books in my collection. And daydreaming...*LOL*

Friday - went to Bernina 75th Anniversary Exhibition with my quilting friend. Baby Alya tagged along. Her very first bus and LRT ride and my first visit to such exhibition. She looked amazed and I was in awe. Martha (my friend) went stashing crazy at the exhibition. Too bad, I could NOT purchase much since I've done some stashing earlier this week (and in August as well). Met Josephine & Roz from the MYS Yahoo Group and new quilting friends there.

Saturday & Sunday - scrummaging for the UFO. Truly inspired to get back to my patchwork & quilting sessions after seeing those beautifully quilted bedspreads and wall hangings. I even had a dream that night - seeing quilts everywhere I go *LOL*

What a lovely week I had .....

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tea Bag delivery

I tried my luck participating in Mail Art competition organized by Daisy Stitches. Due to loads of stitching obligations as well as personal commitments, I didn't have much time to think of a theme. I simply decided on teatime theme b'coz I've just finished a Teatime Mail Art exchange in early July. As the closing date was on the August 15th, I needed to mail it out by end of July to ensure that it would reach its destination (across the globe) in time. Finishing style - and as usual, I love to try new style for every MA I made. A 'tea bag' MA suddenly came into my mind.

I like stitching an excerpt from any Little House Needleworks patterns for the Mail Arts I made. This is 5th MA I stitched an excerpt from LHN pattern (I've made 10 Mail Arts so far). This time I took an excerpt from 'Spot of Tea' - special rendition for tea lovers included in LHN's original 'Spot of Coffee' pattern.

I jumped in joy to know that I won the 3rd prize. You could see the Grand Prize winning Mail Art and other winners & runner ups Mail Arts here.

Thank you Daisy Stitches and sponsors for organizing this competition.