Sunday, October 23, 2005

A little bit late...

Yes, it is a little bit late to stitch a halloween theme for an exchange. But I couldn't resist stitching this cat pattern. It's cute!

Anyway, I didn't stitch this for any Autumn/Fall/Halloween Exchanges. I didn't sign up for exchanges till end of this year. Simply made this poutporri sachet for a friend. It is a R.A.K. (random act of kindness). I'm aware that she might be receiving it a bit later than 31st October but I hope she will like it anyway.

This 'Cat-O-Lantern' chart is by Bent Creek. Stitched on 16ct 3" width aida band using Dip&Twist overdyed flosses by
NeedleOdyssey for the cat pumpkin & tail and DMC flosses for the rest.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Datin Seri Endon passed away...

Our Prime Minister's wife, Datin Seri Endon Mahmood passed away this morning at 7.55am at the PM's official residence in Putrajaya. She suffered from breast cancer. She returned to Malaysia to be with her family during the fasting month after receiving breast cancer treatment in United States. She was very active and put tremendous efforts in Breast Cancer campaigns despite her own long battle with cancer. Her departure is surely missed by all...

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm back...!

Hello everyone !

It had been more than week since we were back in Miri on 10th Oct evening. I didn't feel like blogging until 2 days ago but I was quite tight up with other chores.

I had a great time in Kuala Lumpur eventhough we didn't enough time to go to all places I wished. Apart from visiting families, the 1st place that I wanted to go was the LNS - Yee's Craft World, which is quite famous among Malaysian Stitchers Yahoo Group's members. My stitching firends, Azie & Inazz brought me there. Yessss ! I had a great time there, browsing and shopping for stash. Talked to the owner, wife and his SIL. They were very helpful and their staff were also nice to us and even have knowledge in whatever item we asked for. I had experience where the owner/employee of a LNS don't have clue what they are selling. Duhhhh...! I finally found the suitable print cottons for a baby quillow project. Also bought some country look cottons - chickens & sunflowers. And some aida bands and notions. In short, I spent more than usual *LOL*

After Yee's place, we had our lunch and went to other LNS. Bought some more buttons and crochet thingies. Crocheting - my SIL and I had kind of knowledge swap when I was in Kuala Lumpur. I taught her how to do simple patchwork and she taught me how to crochet. We even swapped books. This is great coz I've always trying to make her interested in patchwork since she has more multi-featured sewing machine than mine. Mine is a very basic portable sewing machine.

Talking of patchwork, last week I received a package from Isabelle. Last time she offered some charts including one applique' instruction to stitching bloggers. I claimed for the applique' instruction booklet. Isabelle as always a kind-hearted lady, sent me drawstring purse, embroidered lace bookmark and sachet along with the applique' booklet. I love them all! You can see the pics in her blog (I haven't manage to snap some photos yet).

Stitching wise - I didn't bring anything to stitch during our holiday in Kuala Lumpur. I started stitching Popcorn bear mini kit (magazine freebie) after were back in Miri but I'm in a really slow stitching pace. Furthermore, I can no longer sit still for a long period since my tummy is bigger and I need to do regular exercise for blood circulation after sit/lie down. Anyway, I don't set a list to stitch for this month except for some finishing touches.

p/s I made some changes to my blog yesterday - colur scheme & graphics. I feel that this is more refreshing. You may refresh the page if you couldn't see the changes made. Zohrah, I saw your comment coming in while typing this post *LOL* . It is good to know that you've made one for yourself (drawstring purse). I'm thinking of making one myself *wink*