Sunday, October 23, 2005

A little bit late...

Yes, it is a little bit late to stitch a halloween theme for an exchange. But I couldn't resist stitching this cat pattern. It's cute!

Anyway, I didn't stitch this for any Autumn/Fall/Halloween Exchanges. I didn't sign up for exchanges till end of this year. Simply made this poutporri sachet for a friend. It is a R.A.K. (random act of kindness). I'm aware that she might be receiving it a bit later than 31st October but I hope she will like it anyway.

This 'Cat-O-Lantern' chart is by Bent Creek. Stitched on 16ct 3" width aida band using Dip&Twist overdyed flosses by
NeedleOdyssey for the cat pumpkin & tail and DMC flosses for the rest.


Kiwi Jo said...

That's really cute and I'm sure your friend will love it!

Isabelle said...

Oh that is adorable! It'll be much treasured for sure! What a lovely thought.

toughcookie said...

Hi Zalita,
It's my first time checkin' out your blog and I love it. Sounds like you have such a fulfilling life doing simple things as needlework. Since young, I have always loved sewing but couldn't seem to find the time to indulge now. Keep up the good work!

I wish you all the best in the delivery of your next child and Selamat Hari Raya. Take care.

z_mnor said...

Sorry I didn't responded to you guys earlier, I spend less time in front of the puter lately.

* Thank you Kiwi Jo & Isabelle

* Hi TC a.k.a Senorita! Welcome to my blog. It seems you're more passionate in sewing as I wasn't into needlecraft and such before. Just started in 2002 to kill the time after I resigned and followed my hubby to overseas. And I became more and more interested in needlecraft thingies after we came back for good couple of years ago.

Thank you all. Have a nice day. Will post an update of my stitching next week :)

Lelia said...

Oh how sweet! I'll have to remember to look for this on my next shopping spree. Lovely to make a sachet ; )