Monday, October 01, 2007

Quilt for lil' princess Shasha

Finally a quilt specially for Shasha. I didn't make one for her when she was a baby coz I had made 2 very simple quilts when Hanie was born a year before. All this while, Shasha was using Hanie's 2nd quilt.

I bought the pattern from a local quilt shop. It's their very own pattern And it was baby Alya who picked the pattern from the display rack. By the way, Alya technically is no longer a baby, she now is an active toddler who loves to run & climb and gives mommy a headache.

I finished quilting on Saturday evening. Teddie bears - machine applique'd. I did 'stitch in the ditch' quilting to give the teddies a puffy look. I also quilted some star shapes on the squares.

Since Alya is the one who loves this pattern dearly, I definitely have to make one for her and of course Hanie wouldn't sit still if she were the only one who didn't get a new blankie. In short, two more quilts to finish......

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Flossbook for Joanne

The Stitching Accessories themed Mail Art has safely reached Joanne ! I picked this Mary Garry Sewing Cabin complimentary chart from my collection, I didn't even know its existence until the day that I wanted to start stitching the MA. Stitched using DMC flosses as per charted and did slight changes to pattern. I was pretty skeptical with the colourway intially (it is not the usual colourway I use), but changed my mind completely after I've done stitching.

I made an attempt to make another 2-in-1 mail art. The 1st one is MA cum draw string pouch that I did for Zarina (for Primitive style Mail Art Exchange).

This time is a flossbook for Joanne. The picture quality is not as good as I wanted. Will try to get some pics from Joanne later.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mail Art for Niza

Niza had received it! I picked this pattern from UK Cross Stitcher magazine and actually a greetings card pattern. I omit a bit from the original pattern to give some space for recipient's address.
Closure - white butterfly button and lilac tying ribbon. Err... is there such white butterfly out there or should I just write it as 'moth' hehehehe. I also put a 'Velcro dot' for more practical closure. I lined the mail art with flutters and bugsies print fabric.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My 1st Foundation Pieced !

I went to ' Foundation Piecing/Paper Piecing' lesson on Saturday. I chose to bring own patterns for the class. i downloaded this 'Golf' pattern from one of the websites. I forgot which site, will update on the name/link later.

Block size - 8" X 8". It took me 3 hours to piece them up. Phewww! I'm glad that I made a decision to go to the class instead of self-taught. If you might noticed, the golf club is a bit dented. Nooo, the pattern is perfecto!!! it was me who didn't press the pieces well enough before sewing them up.

Straight after the class, I sat down and finished the block into a cushion cover as per requested by my darling hubby. I personalized it by hand-stitching his blog's name. I did stitch in the ditch quilting on the outline of golf ball & club and stipple quilting on the background , unfortunately you couldn't see it clearly in the picture.

There are 4 remaining lessons to complete. For the upcoming lesson, I have chose the 'Ladybug' pattern.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Another mini quilt

It is rather an experimental. Playing with prints, shapes and colour combination. The front - I used a fabric with colourful squares print. Binding - matching checkered fabric. The backing - pink floral print to match the binding.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mail Art from Niza

I received a mail art from Niza! She said that it would be her final piece since she will no longer stitching mail arts due to some reasons. She already had a huge collection of them anyway *wink*

She stitched a chart from Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin. This designer is no longer making new designs. I'm really glad to have a stitched piece with a Mary Garry design on it.

Mail arts by Niza have a distinctive feature - she always used batik prints to line them. And I simply love the batik print that she picked for me. Thank you Niza.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A week of ....

.... patchwork & quilting. Last week was definitely a Patchwork & Quilting week for me.

On Monday, Zarina, my dear stitching friend in Penang was sharing her excitement. She began to fall in love with patchwork & quilting and started off a table runner project. I was so inspired by her story.

And on Tuesday, I made a mini quilt, size 10"X10". This is actually my 2nd mini quilt. I've done one last year for our darling Shasha who loves miniature thingies. She claimed that this time is also meant for her. Hmmmm... let me think first *LOL*
I chose autumn colours fabrics. Size of each small square is 2"X2". And sashing is 2" width. Not including seam allowance. Hand quilted. I'm thinking of doing more mini quilts since they are quick to finish. You could make one to three pieces a day depends on your quality of sewing machine and your sewing skill.

On Wednesday, went the nearest needlecraft shop - having a sale until the month end. Bought some fabric stash and inquired on their 'Foundation Piecing' classes. I'm really interested and thinking to start a lesson soon.

Thursday - spent the day flipping through all Patchwork & Quilting magazines and books in my collection. And daydreaming...*LOL*

Friday - went to Bernina 75th Anniversary Exhibition with my quilting friend. Baby Alya tagged along. Her very first bus and LRT ride and my first visit to such exhibition. She looked amazed and I was in awe. Martha (my friend) went stashing crazy at the exhibition. Too bad, I could NOT purchase much since I've done some stashing earlier this week (and in August as well). Met Josephine & Roz from the MYS Yahoo Group and new quilting friends there.

Saturday & Sunday - scrummaging for the UFO. Truly inspired to get back to my patchwork & quilting sessions after seeing those beautifully quilted bedspreads and wall hangings. I even had a dream that night - seeing quilts everywhere I go *LOL*

What a lovely week I had .....

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tea Bag delivery

I tried my luck participating in Mail Art competition organized by Daisy Stitches. Due to loads of stitching obligations as well as personal commitments, I didn't have much time to think of a theme. I simply decided on teatime theme b'coz I've just finished a Teatime Mail Art exchange in early July. As the closing date was on the August 15th, I needed to mail it out by end of July to ensure that it would reach its destination (across the globe) in time. Finishing style - and as usual, I love to try new style for every MA I made. A 'tea bag' MA suddenly came into my mind.

I like stitching an excerpt from any Little House Needleworks patterns for the Mail Arts I made. This is 5th MA I stitched an excerpt from LHN pattern (I've made 10 Mail Arts so far). This time I took an excerpt from 'Spot of Tea' - special rendition for tea lovers included in LHN's original 'Spot of Coffee' pattern.

I jumped in joy to know that I won the 3rd prize. You could see the Grand Prize winning Mail Art and other winners & runner ups Mail Arts here.

Thank you Daisy Stitches and sponsors for organizing this competition.

Friday, August 24, 2007

itching for crafting!

Caring for a broken arm Hanie and down with fever & bad stomach Alya, I didn't get a chance to cross stitch. But my fingers kept on 'fidgeting'. I settled on 2 small crochet projects. Mini crochet doily stitched using no. 10 Anchor thread. And a crocheted pincushion, stitched using rayon floss. My 1st encounter of crocheting using rayon floss. It was rather tricky but I would like to use the floss for crocheted edging project in my crafts-to-do list.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

not Claire Bennet

Hanie broke her left arm. Was in the shower when I heard her cry. I went into panic to see her sitting on the couch with a broken arm. Hanie is one tough little honey. She sat still and stopped crying after seeing me panicking. She asked me "Are we going to the hospital?"

After coming back from the hospital, I asked her "Why did you jump?". She replied calmly "I did not. I fell down." Apparently, she was climbing up the double decker. She slipped and fell onto the floor. When we moved into the house, the owner provided us some furnitures including the double decker. The top bed is never been used for sleeping actually and we also had the ladder removed. But somehow it didn't deter our little Hanie from testing her motor skill - climbing up.

The cast would be removed in one month period. Now, when she sees her sisters trying to climb up the couch, table etc, Hanie would say "You better not! It is dangerous. You will break your arm and have to go to the hospital!"

She is just our little honey, not 'Claire Bennet'.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The best fish tank I ever had


A group of tropical fishes had been added to the family since last year - as our little princesses' very own 1st pet. The kids really enjoying watching the fishes swimming around the sunken 'ship' and water plants. My hubby and I also loves having a tank of tropical fishes in the house. Apart from the nice underwater view, it also helps cooling down the temperature during the hot & dry spell. Works wonder as the night lamp (we usually switch off the fish tank's light before we to bed though). Also a focal point in the living room.

Personally, this is the 3rd fish tank I ever had (not to count the tanks that my father has had during my childhood days). My 1st tank was actually a golden fish bowl (many many years ago). Anyway, I didn't have golden fish in it. I put a pair of tropical fishes that didn't need aerated water to live in. They were tough cookie species of tropical fishes. Usually found in the ponds, muddy freshwater and paddy fields. Low and easy maintenance, it just that their looks do not have much for you to adore if you love ornamental fishes.

2nd tank was the plastic ones (medium size). Tiger barbs & dwarf gouramis lived in there not long before we bought the current glass tank complete with the water filter, aerator & light.

Small tropical fishes like tiger barbs & dwarf gouramis do not have higher chances and longer lifespan like other fishes. We at least had 3 batches of tropical fishes since the 1st batch we purchased. The only fish that survives throughout the year is pleco, the tank cleaner or better known locally as 'ikan bandaraya'. You can see Pleco creeping up the wall in the 2nd pic (the black & grey spotted fish). Currently we have tiger barbs, Shanghai carps, cherry barb, koi & 'black skirtings' as well as pleco.

MYS Neighbourhood RR 2007 - round 4

Round 4 - I have to stitch on Zarina's RR piece. Unlike the rest of us, she has specifically decided on neighbourhood gardens for her RR theme. The participants have to stitch the 'gardens of their own'.

Knowing that Zarina fancies oriental gardens, I flipped lots of magazines to find oriental sceneries patterns. I couldn't find much but I was really glad to see 'Fujiyama pattern' in one of the magazines. Since the pattern is way too big for the RR, I merely stitched a portion from the whole pattern that includes the coral pink shrubs, stream and pagoda garden lamp/lantern. And stitched a bridge from another pattern, a complement to the oriental landscape. Thought of oriental gardens, that we could always find willow trees next to the bridges or streams, I charted on my own a simple willow tree pattern to 'complete' the garden.

I really enjoyed stitching the oriental garden. I used DMC flosses with some colour changes and adjustments to the patterns for this oriental scenery.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The'show-off' must go on...(part 2)

MYS Quaker Pinkeep Exchange - I received a lovely Quaker Pinkeep from Margaret!

She stitched a pattern from Ackworth Quaker book. How lovely! Stitched on lugana using muted colour Dip&Twist floss and it gives a vintage look.

On the back, she stitched another pattern from the same book and personalized it with out initials , M and Z. I really like it! This exchange was really exciting coz I got learn to stitch & sew a stitching accessory that I never try before.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The'show-off' must go on...(part 1)

4th May was the dateline for MYS Quaker Pinkeep Exchange.

I had never stitch & sew a pinkeep before, and this is the very first pinkeep I ever made. The pattern from The Workbasket (strawberry quaker), stitched on 28ct jobelan using Dip&Twist overdyed.

I love the colour of the overdyed floss (bright pink) , it had made me thinking of strawberries and finally made up mind to stitch the strawberry quaker pattern. Though I must admit that after finished stitching, I found that it looks more like beetroots. I think it is b'coz of floss colour.

I put rickrack around the pinkeep and strawberry print cotton at the back.

And, this is another Quaker pattern I stitched in April. It's designed by Barb Adams & Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs. Stitched on 32ct linen using the same overdyed colour that I used for Quaker Pinkeep that I made for the Exchange. I took this pattern from Just Cross Stitch magazine (Ornaments issue) and will be finished into a Strawberry (shaped) Pinkeep.

I'm back....!

I feel much better and got back to my stitchings today. Thank you for the well wishes. I just need to see the doctor again tomorrow.

Well, lots of thing to blog & stitch and the 'show-off' must go on....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thank you for your concern

For those who emailed or left comments on my blog asking me about my health condition, thank you very much. I hope that you had a nice time on Mother's Day on Sunday.

Thing didn't get better for me. I had developed an ear infection due to bad flu. The pain peaked on Sunday, I didn't really enjoy the Mother's Day celebration except for nice lunch treat and some magazines & gifties from my hubby who was just coming back from down under.

The pain subsided yesterday, but I was still uncomfortable b'coz the feeling of fullness and temporary hearing loss in left ear.

Acute otitis media - middle ear infection that produces fluid, pus and inflammation with the middle ear and usually associated with a buildup of fluid in the space behind the ear drum. In my case, due to mucusal nasal congestion or sinus infection during a bad flu. The pain is severe but not worrying, however it could cost you more than ear pain if not treated earlier.

Today, I feel slightly better, no more feeling of fullness and temporary hearing loss in the ear though I could still feel the pain.

I miss my stitchings! I haven't pick a needle since last week. Well, for now I just need get some rest after quite tiring days last week - caring of Hanie who caught a fever and coughing a lot and myself caught the bad flu. The medicines causes drowsiness too!

Thank you again for your concern.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not feeling very well

I actually have things to update as well as photos to upload but I'm not feeling very well since Monday. I caught a flu ... sneezing, stuffy nose , coughing and strep throat make me dizzy.

Thank you for dropping by and leaving some comments.

Hoping that I will feel better tomorrow coz I need to mail out some envelopes and to stitch and to blog and to stitch ;)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Neighbourhood RR - round 2

Here is my stitching on Margaret's Round Robin piece. The pattern is actually a combo of 3 Little House Needleworks (LHN) patterns, mostly from LHN's 'City Stitcher, Country Stitcher'. I did some colour changes.

I personalised the piece with a letter box (my name is 'written' on it),

I also added a garden bench and a swing,

Do you notice the lamps? If you were happened to be a LHN fan, I'm very sure that you will know which chart I 'snagged' them from.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Prickly Little

One-nighty quick project done on Sunday. Saw it on Urban Debris last year. This hedgehog pincushion is fun to make. Just have the materials ready : felt, embroidery flosses, some stuffing/filler & pins; you could start it right away. And voila ... your very own stitching corner's pet.

I did it with some slight differences - seed beads for the eyes and lined the ears with cotton print.

* hedgehog is not a porcupine - click here to learn more.

Around the World Mail Art for Naomi

The mail art has finally reached its destination - Naomi in United Kingdom. I stitched a traditional motif on 28ct jobelan using Anchor multicolour floss. The pattern is an adaptation from one of 'songket' motifs.

Songket - a handwoven cloth made from gold/silver and silk/cotton threads, usually worn to certain ceremonial functions. This fabric is also popular for the Malay traditional wedding attire (bride & groom). It is a bit uncertain of the origin of 'songket' but it has been a treasured textile throughout the Malay archipelago since many centuries ago. Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia are 'sharing' this Malay heritage & art of weaving and have been producing 'songket' with distinctive motifs ever since.

The postage stamps are from '
Visit Malaysia Year 2007' commemorative stamp series.

The background fabric in the above picture is a '
sampin songket' from my dear hubby's personal collection. 'Sampin songket' is an additional sarong-like cloth to Malay men's traditional attire.

The inside envelope is fully-lined with 'batik' fabric and I also 'showed off' the same fabric on the back of the envelope. I stitched my address on a small piece of jobelan before attaching it onto the flap of the envelope. I used a black velcro strip for the closure and embellished with 'vintage looking' buttons.

* Around the World Mail Art Exchange - we were required to stitch something about the place where are we from or where we live

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mr. Posto knocked on the door...

On Saturday morning, Mr. Posto knocked on the door to deliver this:

Yippe! I had been eyeing this special issue for quite some time and asked my hubby to look for it when he was in Paris, unfortunately his numerous visits to the bookstores and magazines kiosks were fruitless. Thanks a lot to a dear stitching friend,
Aw, who kindly brought in some French cross stitch magazines (hors serie - special issues) for us.

Mains et Merveilles L'art Postal - special issue on cross stitched Mail Arts. It is a worth purchase for art mailers like me. 17 charts from various designers including Isabelle Vautier.

To cross stitch art mailers/mail artists or anyone who is interested, you could also read an article on mail arts in
Quick & Easy magazine issue October 2006 and this month issue of Gift of Stitching online magazine.

Needlecrafter RR 2007 - another progress

Just to show a picture of mes croix on my own Round Robin (RR) piece. DMC Sunshine Flowers is a big chart and for this Round Robin each person is required to stitch merely the maximum stitchcount of 60X60 on 14ct aida (approx. 4.25" X 4.25") which is equals to 3600 stitches. I determined to use the pattern as my RR pattern b'coz I really like it, furthermore I've never stitch a big ones. It made me actually stitched one third of pattern and the rest is equally divided into 5 portions. Other participants have to stitch approximately 3600 stitches ea.

However, I couldn't finish stitching my portion before sending it out to the next participant, there is another 20% to complete. I have to resume stitching and finish it off soon after the RR piece comes back to me - which is I'm really looking forward to.

* Needlecrafter RR 2007 - 6 participants Round Robin

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mail Art from Penang

I received a mail art from Penang nearly two weeks ago. Initially I was puzzled to receive a mail art (MA) from Zarina coz we hadn't arranged any personal swaps for the month of April. We actually had done 2 personal swaps before.

Finally it came to my senses that the MA is meant for Around the World Exchange. A note in the envelope had confirmed it. I called Zarina up and we giggled over it. She really knows how to keep it a secret!
For this exchange, we were required to stitch something about the place where are we from or where we live. Zarina stitched a butterfly and a pair of cute flutterby buttons on the front of the envelope. Penang Butterfly Farm is one of many attractions in Penang.
And she stitched a row of starfishes on the back of the envelope. What do you think about when you see a picture of starfish? ....You are right! It reminds us of beaches and sea. A strip of beaches is simply another Penang attraction. Batu Ferringhi is one of the famous beaches - look closely at the postcard in the picture.

Thank you Zarina for the Mail Art and giftie. To receive a mail art from you had made this exchange is more like a 'surprise me' themed exchange to me... hehehehehe

Friday, April 20, 2007

Currently Stitching...

Apart from working on the two stitching obligations which are going to be sent out by end of this month, I have another four stitching projects on my rotation - one is a stitching obligation to finish by May deadline and the rest are stitching smalls for me to keep.

Here are some progress pictures of stitching smalls, I took earlier this week.

I love Ladybug - SanMan Originals

petite envelope : De Fil en Aiguille

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Quaker teaser

Take a peak at the Quaker motif I've finished stitching on Monday. Yet to start on the finishing part. It is going to be mailed out by end of this month as the Quaker Pinkeep Exchange which is organized by Mona in Malaysian Stitchers Group.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

LHN/CCN International Mail Art

This mail art exchange organized by Rachel in Pennsylvania is one of Little House Needleworks/Country Cottage Needleworks Yahoo Group's 2007 activities. We were partnered with stitching friends abroad and required to stitch any LHN or CCN patterns on the mail art.

I stitched
LHN's "Star Light, Star Bright" on 32ct lugana for Rachel. Lined the mail art with 'golden stars on navy' cotton print. I used the black velcro strip for the closure and embellished with some little star buttons on the flap.

I put a sticker (
on the lower part on the back of mail art)- picture of traditional dancers and people in traditional costumes. The sticker is actually part of 'Visit Malaysia Year 2007' miniature stamp sheet. You could see the stamp on the front part of mail art - the one with a picture of Petronas Twin Towers and building in Putrajaya .

close up on Star Light, Star Bright

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I've been away...

I've been away from the internet & blogging since my father has fallen sick last Thursday. He is admitted and will be discharged in a day or two. I really hope that he will be getting better as soon as possible as he, himself, couldn't wait to get home. Nothing compares to your own home sweet home, right?

I was in the middle of a rare occasion - smoking needle, when my sister-in-law told me that my brother is sending my father to the hospital. Being a slow stitcher, there are certain times you could stitch much faster than usual due to nearing deadlines and long list of stitching obligations. I hardly pick up a needle since Thursday. Anyway, I've got back to stitching on Sunday evening and have downloaded pictures from the camera. I will blog about them in the next few postings.

Meanwhile, I would like to share a picture of recently acquired Dip&Twist overdyed flosses.

p/s : to Ann Lee, I still 'owe' you something. I'm so sorry and please bear with my procrastination. I hope to finish it by middle of May.