Monday, April 23, 2007

Needlecrafter RR 2007 - another progress

Just to show a picture of mes croix on my own Round Robin (RR) piece. DMC Sunshine Flowers is a big chart and for this Round Robin each person is required to stitch merely the maximum stitchcount of 60X60 on 14ct aida (approx. 4.25" X 4.25") which is equals to 3600 stitches. I determined to use the pattern as my RR pattern b'coz I really like it, furthermore I've never stitch a big ones. It made me actually stitched one third of pattern and the rest is equally divided into 5 portions. Other participants have to stitch approximately 3600 stitches ea.

However, I couldn't finish stitching my portion before sending it out to the next participant, there is another 20% to complete. I have to resume stitching and finish it off soon after the RR piece comes back to me - which is I'm really looking forward to.

* Needlecrafter RR 2007 - 6 participants Round Robin

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