Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I've been away...

I've been away from the internet & blogging since my father has fallen sick last Thursday. He is admitted and will be discharged in a day or two. I really hope that he will be getting better as soon as possible as he, himself, couldn't wait to get home. Nothing compares to your own home sweet home, right?

I was in the middle of a rare occasion - smoking needle, when my sister-in-law told me that my brother is sending my father to the hospital. Being a slow stitcher, there are certain times you could stitch much faster than usual due to nearing deadlines and long list of stitching obligations. I hardly pick up a needle since Thursday. Anyway, I've got back to stitching on Sunday evening and have downloaded pictures from the camera. I will blog about them in the next few postings.

Meanwhile, I would like to share a picture of recently acquired Dip&Twist overdyed flosses.

p/s : to Ann Lee, I still 'owe' you something. I'm so sorry and please bear with my procrastination. I hope to finish it by middle of May.

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