Wednesday, January 31, 2007

4-patchpincushion from Yasmin !

Yay! I've received the 4-patch pincushie from Yasmin in Perlis. The stitched piece finished into a button in the middle - that's very creative of her ! Thank you, Min.


Lacy Affair

A stitched postcard for addressed to Postmistress & Staff of nearby Post Office. I've become a familiar face to them since the Mail Art incident last year. They are very co-operative ever since.

I stitched a pattern from a magazine of which I couldn't recall the name/issue at the moment. I put laces & checks fabby to add some features to the postcard.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Dress for Cutie

As promised, a picture of a dress for 3" height cutie bear. I saw the pattern in Molly Chicken blog.


4-patch Pincushion Exchange (Monogram )2007

My stitching friend, Roz, has received it safe and sound! At first, I was hesitated to mail it out to her coz I thought it was way too big for a pincushion. Since I didn't have much time to make another one, I called Roz up and told her that she was going to receive a gigantic pincushion from me *LOL* .
I stitched the m
onogram and flower motif over one on 32ct linen using overdyeds. Monogram R is from Sajou alphabet patterns and the flower motif is an excerpt from Le Quaker a' 6 Mains chart. I embellished with white rick rack and creme & gold button to give a vintage look to the 4-patch pincushion.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Scissors Fob Exchange 2007

Some of us in Needlecrafter Yahoo Group decided to welcome 2007 with a new exchange. Stitching something small is preferred and everyone is agreed to stitch a scissors fob.

Last month, when I met my stitching friend, Zarina, she gave a pendibulle (Thank you dear). I really like it and decided to stitch a mini pendibulle for
Scissors Fob Exchange 2007.
I stitched roses on both side - one is a smaller adaptation of crochet fillet pattern (I had stitched it before, I simply love this pattern very much) and the other is an extract from a freebie pattern on a German website. Stitched on a 32ct linen using SSS overdyed (colour Snow Cone).

It was my 1st pendibulle actually and was quite apprehensive with the pattern size, fabric cut, correct length of the twisted cord etc. My dear recipient, Kak Ji, had SMSed (texted) me saying that she likes it, phewwww !!!

** the picture quality is not very good

Stitching Bloggers' Question

Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about it! (Or just point to the entry that talks about it.) If not, when do you predict it will be?

Oh yes! Just had my 1st happy dance of 2007 last weekend.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hardanger House

I have lots of finishings to do from last month's stitchings and started to feel bored and slowly been dragged into a stitching slump. I needed sort of motivation before it was too late or else my WIPs would be UFOs. A 'quick-to finish' project was just what I had to do. Hardanger house was on top of the list.

I started stitching this hardanger piece last week and finished it over the weekend. Pattern is from
Classic Stitches magazine and available online as well (as a freebie). Stitched on 32ct lambswool linen.

Now, I've been back on my track - finishings for December's stitchings. I finished 2 (already on their way to the recipients) and another 7 to go.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

5 Mini Challenge 2006 - part 2

As promised here are few more pictures of the finishes.Mini tuck pillow - the cat & snail pattern is stitched on 28ct red evenweave over one thread using Eterna silk floss. The pattern is a freebie on a French blog but I lost the link due to upgrade on my Firefox browser last month. - Echevette

Simple pincushion with slight variation. Stitched on 28ct linen using SSS floss (colour Southern Sweet Tea). This geometric pattern is a freebie on another French blog and sorry again I couldn't give you the URL as I couldn't locate it in my 'bookmark' list.

Last but not least, a Margaret Sherry cat scissors fob. Stitched on 18ct pale blue aida. MS is one of my favourite designers. I simply love her cats, hedgehogs and Archie bear.

There is actually one more mini thingy I've done for this challenge - simple sewing project. Will share the picture later.

6 Weird Things about Me (tagged by Adam)

The rules: Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog. I weird? Maybe a little extraordinary lady with
rebellious heart.

1. used to have a driving licence but I was reluctant to renew simply b'coz my mom broke her promise to buy me a car after my graduation. She paid the driving lessons and promised a car. I'm kind of independent child who hardly ask anything from parents but just don't promise me anything coz I'll always remember and demand for it. Sound stupid? Nahhh...don't care

2. I was good in Science (Biology & Chemistry) but I didn't want to be a doctor simply b'coz I didn't want to be 'on call' during my holiday. SOOO selfish of me ( I always have the soft spot for needy people though. Don't you? *wink*)

3. I hate hothead bosses but my dear hubby is a bit hot-tempered himself *LOL* (I love you Ayang XOXO)

4. I hated needlecraft classes in school (girls in our school were 'forced' to learn Home Science when we were in Lower Secondary) but look now I have a blog dedicated for needlecraft enthusiasts & friends.

5. I'm not that high but high-jump was one of my favourite events in school. Even the teachers were surprised with my ability. I got springs under my feet and invisible wings on my shoulders *LOL*

6. I look and act snobbish but once I know you better.... you can't stop me talking *LOL*

I could list more but 6 is enough for you to know me better hehehehehe

OK now it's time to tag people. I want to know you better , ladies! : Azie, Linda, Ee Koon, Zohrah, Lillie and Nik

Saturday, January 13, 2007

5 Mini Challenge 2006 - part 1

I signed up for this challenge last November and was supposed to share pictures of finishes on 1st January 2007. But I was just too lazy to download the photos from the camera and to do edit the photos.

5 Mini Challenge 2006 participants were required to do 5 (or more) items not larger than 5 X 5 inches. We could stitch or sew or quilt or crochet or tat or any needlecraft that we knew.

Well, as some of you might have noticed that I started to crochet sometime in May. I tried my hands at crocheting mini projects for the 5 Mini Challenge. Surprisingly, they turned out OK (at least to my eyes *LOL).

I crocheted pentagon mini doily using white Anchor and variegated Floretta No. 10 yarns. The diameter including the lacy edging is approximately 5 inches. The pattern is from Japanese crochet book. I personally prefer diagram pattern than the written ones. And Japanese crochet books full of diagram patterns.

However, I found that there are a lot of nice freebies on the net are written patterns. I made an attempt to learn to 'read' them and successfully crocheted 2 items including the crocheted teacup for 5 Mini Challenge. I used Anchor No. 10. You can find the teacup pattern here It is pretty quick to do. I embellished the cup with lazy daisy stitches, put some poly-pellets inside and covered with felt, before brushing some PVA glue to the entire surface of teacup. The glue application made the cup sturdy.

Another 3 minis are cross stitch and sewing projects. Will upload the pics later.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heart to Heart - part 2

I would like to share a picture of the monochrome heart that Azie stitched for me. It is in turquoise. I simply love blue and blue family *wink*. Lovely!
Stitched on 28ct linen using Dip & Twist overdyed. This pheasant & peacock heart pattern is a freebie from Gift of Stitching website. If you happened to wonder what is the finishing style, Azie and I actually actually agreed to swap stitched pieces only. I know Azie has lots of other stitched pieces but she rarely has time to do the finishing off. And so, I finished the stitched piece that I wanted to give her into an ornament. As for this monochrome heart, I'm thinking of a pinkeep OR a needlebook for the finishing style. What say you?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Quick Hello !

To Lee Ann, thank you very much for the lovely card. I picked it up from my parent's place quite some time ago but forgot to let you know.

To Anja in Germany, could you please email me coz I need your address for 'Pay-it-forward' mailings. I tried to contact you several times but got 'failed delivery notice' every time I sent you an email.

And last but not least, thank you dear friends & visitors whom left comments on previous postings. I couldn't respond earlier but if anything should you want to ask, please email me.

Heart to Heart

When my stitching friend, Azie and I had an online chat last December, we discovered that both of us have developed an interest towards monochromatic and quaker patterns. Later we decided to have a personal swap to welcome the new year - to stitch and swap monochrome or quaker piece between us.

We are absolutely on the same wave length, to my surprise, both of us stitched heart patterns *wink*

I stitched a quaker heart for Azie and she stitched a monochrome ones. Quaker Heart is designed by Janice Wood, it is a freebie pattern actually but I couldn't remember the URL. Originally the pattern is inclusive of 2 heart patterns front & back in red DMC. I only stitched the sampler alphabet heart using white DMC and some overdyeds on 32ct lugana ( in mocha). Finished into a stuffed ornament, I used buggies print cotton as the backing fabric.

Happy New Year & Stitching update

Hi everyone ! Happy New Year to you!

December was a pretty busy month for me. Lots of meeting-ups with friends as well as catching-ups with families. Also to familiarize the kids with the school thingies - I let them spent their days drawing & colouring and paper folding too since November.

Last Wednesday was Hanie and Shasha's first day at school. Time goes by quickly, my little babies had grown up and they are now happy preschoolers. To my surprise, they didn't cry at all, in fact I was the one with teary eyes *LOL*. They are in different classes, I hope by sending her to school, Shasha will be more independent and able to converse fluently. She is a late talker. Hanie is doing fine, she is just a shy little girl.

I have finished stitching MYS 5-mini Challenge and several pieces for 2007 exchanges (some of them are now ready to be mailed out). 'Pay-it -forward' items - yet to do the finishing part . My dear recipients, please bear with my slow stitching & sewing pace *LOL*. However, I have to admit that I still have some unfinished stitchings & sewings from year 2006. I pledge to finish all the UFOs by end of this year.

I will upload the pics later. Got to go, have to wait for the school van outside. Today is my darling girls first experience of school van ride.