Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Heart to Heart

When my stitching friend, Azie and I had an online chat last December, we discovered that both of us have developed an interest towards monochromatic and quaker patterns. Later we decided to have a personal swap to welcome the new year - to stitch and swap monochrome or quaker piece between us.

We are absolutely on the same wave length, to my surprise, both of us stitched heart patterns *wink*

I stitched a quaker heart for Azie and she stitched a monochrome ones. Quaker Heart is designed by Janice Wood, it is a freebie pattern actually but I couldn't remember the URL. Originally the pattern is inclusive of 2 heart patterns front & back in red DMC. I only stitched the sampler alphabet heart using white DMC and some overdyeds on 32ct lugana ( in mocha). Finished into a stuffed ornament, I used buggies print cotton as the backing fabric.


Za said...

Cheeze, love your heart shape cushion!

BTW, did you get my email asking you for a certain someone's address?

Zaza said...

i love it!!! cantik!!! i love the background too!

z_mnor said...

Nik - Thanks , BTW I've emailed the address already

Zaza - thank you