Thursday, January 18, 2007

Scissors Fob Exchange 2007

Some of us in Needlecrafter Yahoo Group decided to welcome 2007 with a new exchange. Stitching something small is preferred and everyone is agreed to stitch a scissors fob.

Last month, when I met my stitching friend, Zarina, she gave a pendibulle (Thank you dear). I really like it and decided to stitch a mini pendibulle for
Scissors Fob Exchange 2007.
I stitched roses on both side - one is a smaller adaptation of crochet fillet pattern (I had stitched it before, I simply love this pattern very much) and the other is an extract from a freebie pattern on a German website. Stitched on a 32ct linen using SSS overdyed (colour Snow Cone).

It was my 1st pendibulle actually and was quite apprehensive with the pattern size, fabric cut, correct length of the twisted cord etc. My dear recipient, Kak Ji, had SMSed (texted) me saying that she likes it, phewwww !!!

** the picture quality is not very good


Zaza said...

my mum have the same scissors, well almost!
(sorry i dont know nuts about stitching, just commenting on the things i see) ;) hehe.
ita, you know what? from hobby, you can make money tau! thats what i did, i didnt know it until they wanted a quantity of it. but i didnt do them for money, its more for self satisfaction and the look on their faces. money is secondary, but it keeps me going!!

z_mnor said...

does your mom sew or stitch or embroider? Coz a pair of stork scissors is almost a necessary to stitchers as well as embroiderers *LOL* (sometimes we simply love collecting embroidery scissors hehehehe I have 3 - stork, rooster & black filligree)

I totally agree, hobby can makes money. I have a dream. For the time being, i couldn't afford to do so due to some factors.

Zaza said...

Yep, mum sew and LOVES all these things. but right now she's a bit mabuk with beads. doing all sorts of things with beads from eye-catchers to necklaces. i dont know the name of her scissors tho!
In UK, there's this chain of craft shop called hobbycraft:
we might go there this year (my sister will be having her baby this summer), anything i can find for you? compare prices ke, get the stuff ke, do let us know k?
AND.. ita.. it all starts with a dream. almost everything! ;) we'll get there!

z_mnor said...


Beads frenzy in Malaysia ! hehehehe.
Actually I do have something that I really like from UK but it is quite big & bulky - Xtra Flex Super LED Craft Light ( . I never see this kind of lamp in Malaysia. And another one is a small packet or two of emery powder. This is the best filler for pincushions as the powder could sharpen your needles&pins and prevent rust.
I will, one day, make my dream comes true *wink*