Tuesday, January 16, 2007

5 Mini Challenge 2006 - part 2

As promised here are few more pictures of the finishes.Mini tuck pillow - the cat & snail pattern is stitched on 28ct red evenweave over one thread using Eterna silk floss. The pattern is a freebie on a French blog but I lost the link due to upgrade on my Firefox browser last month. - Echevette

Simple pincushion with slight variation. Stitched on 28ct linen using SSS floss (colour Southern Sweet Tea). This geometric pattern is a freebie on another French blog and sorry again I couldn't give you the URL as I couldn't locate it in my 'bookmark' list.

Last but not least, a Margaret Sherry cat scissors fob. Stitched on 18ct pale blue aida. MS is one of my favourite designers. I simply love her cats, hedgehogs and Archie bear.

There is actually one more mini thingy I've done for this challenge - simple sewing project. Will share the picture later.


whitecalla said...

I just loved your finishing. My fav is that mini tuck pillow including that kitty behind the pillow...it seems to be saying " don't hang me please", LOL. Cute :D
Oops! I've got a tag? I'll reply to your tag soon, hehehe

Outi said...

Beautiful finishes!

And kitty with snail is from http://echevette.over-blog.com/ :)

z_mnor said...

Lillie Thank you! The little kitty is my darling Shasha's toy cat. She simply loves those teenie tiny weenie toys.

Outi Ohh! Thank you for the link :)

Zaza said...

i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pastel coloured pincushions! i love pastels. ita, hardy bought a sewing machine for us to alter some trousers of ours (weird shops, cant get the length!). so instead of sending it to the shops, he got the machine coz it was on offer. we sat down, looked at it, studied and still dont know what to do with it!! haha. last last, jahit pakai tangan jugak! terrible attempt!
by the way, are you selling them pincushions?

z_mnor said...

Zaza a sewing machine - that's a good start *wink*. You could go back to the seller/shop and ask if there is any sewing classes for you to attend. Sign up for basic sewing class and I'm sure you'll start sewing in no time once you know the basic steps. I came to realize that basic sewing skill (including handling the machine) is something handy for a SAHM living on a foreign land when we were in Khartoum last time.

I usually don't sell cross stitched pincushions coz it takes time to stitch but I will sell tuckpillows (without the cross stitched pieces) if someone asked for them.

BTW, do you need a pincushion for your coming sewing projects? I'm sure there will be lots of projects *wink* . I got your address already and will send one in Feb/March gratis if you wished.

Ezlika said...

Gosh.. u are BLOODY talented! I don't know which one of your piece to comment 1st, coz all are beautiful.

Zaza said...

I TOTALLY agree with ez! you are indeed SOOOO talented and all are beautiful.

Ita dear, my god, please dont susah suah kan diri posting it to us!! why dont we meet up when we're back home?! it would be lovely to exchange gifts?! what say you? ;)

i dont think i can take any classes for the next 2 or 3 years.. this country wants me to do a dutch language course for 600 hours! crazy dutch ministers! we're still trying to figure out the mesin jahit! haha..


z_mnor said...

thank you ;)

you guys coming back in summer? I would love to meet you, Hardy & lil' Aidan. So, Dutch language course is a must huh. It is good actually since you guys are planning to stay there longer. Well, as for mesin jahit, if you could squeeze some time for basic sewing class in Malaysia during your holiday, that will be a good idea. Go to a needlecraft shop (e.g. Cottage Patch in Ampang, ask them whether or not they can show you how to use the machine.