Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy New Year & Stitching update

Hi everyone ! Happy New Year to you!

December was a pretty busy month for me. Lots of meeting-ups with friends as well as catching-ups with families. Also to familiarize the kids with the school thingies - I let them spent their days drawing & colouring and paper folding too since November.

Last Wednesday was Hanie and Shasha's first day at school. Time goes by quickly, my little babies had grown up and they are now happy preschoolers. To my surprise, they didn't cry at all, in fact I was the one with teary eyes *LOL*. They are in different classes, I hope by sending her to school, Shasha will be more independent and able to converse fluently. She is a late talker. Hanie is doing fine, she is just a shy little girl.

I have finished stitching MYS 5-mini Challenge and several pieces for 2007 exchanges (some of them are now ready to be mailed out). 'Pay-it -forward' items - yet to do the finishing part . My dear recipients, please bear with my slow stitching & sewing pace *LOL*. However, I have to admit that I still have some unfinished stitchings & sewings from year 2006. I pledge to finish all the UFOs by end of this year.

I will upload the pics later. Got to go, have to wait for the school van outside. Today is my darling girls first experience of school van ride.


Zaza said...

i never did get to go on a van ride to school. or bus for that matter! hehe..

hey, truthfully, i just got to know of your blog!!! :( i've been missing on too many things! :( i'm gonna be a loyal fan from now on! :)

by the way, happy new year to you and jack!


z_mnor said...

Thank you Zaza!

Happy New Year to you, Hardy & Aidan