Friday, May 27, 2005

Update - This & That

It had been awhile, I didn't write anything about my stitching here.

Well, I have finished several small projects ~ 3 stitched greeting cards and a bookmark. At the moment, I could not upload the photos here since the recipients are yet to receive. I continue stitching the needleroll (exchange) and XS keychain, going to mail them out next month.

And my Fickle Minded RR piece has finally came home last week. I still need to finish my part before sending it to the framer this weekend. I would like to hang it on the wall on my birthday : ) Thank you Nik and Azie, you both did a great job on my FM RR!

Talking about birthday, yesterday I received a BDE gift from Usha (Birthday Exchange). In the envie are buttons, sequins, ribbons and a handmade bookmark cum birthday card. Thank you Usha! I have already think of a stitching project using sequins *wink*

Early this week, I got Quick & Easy May 2005 in my mailbox. I know it a was late buying but I'm glad that I bought this issue coz it has many charts that caught my eyes. The June 2005 issue is already on sale and I'm going to have it soon.

Recently, I was inspired to get back to my primary school days' hobby ~ stamp collecting. Thank you Aida for helping me out finding lovely series of year 2003 & 2004 stamps. My previous collection is still at my parents' place. I vaguely remembered that I have old stamps of year 1940s in my collection which I got from my parents. Well, They did not collect stamps actually, but I got the stamps from the envelopes (corresponding letters) which they still kept. Snail mails do have long last values, don't they? *wink*

Back to my stitching...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Last weekend we were surprised by a sad news.

My husband went to the golf club and he met the paed (paeditrician) who was with us during the delivery of our 2nd baby last time. They chatted for a while and hubby happily told him about my 3rd pregnancy. The paed (Dr Philip) congratulated him and said that definitely Dr Chin wouldn't the gynae this time (Dr Chin was my gynae for my 2nd pregnancy). And hubby stared blankly at him. Only then, Dr. Philip realised that my husband didn't have a clue that my gynae had passed away early this month.

It had been a long time since our last visit to Dr Chin's clinic which was last December. When we were going to confirm my 3rd pregnancy, we didn't go to his clinic. We just went to see the regular MD. Usually during our visits to Dr Chin's Clinic, my husband and him will exchange short golf stories. I didn't mind at all coz I know what is like to meet people with the same interest : )

I still remembered after the delivery of our 2nd baby, Dr Chin told us that the room I was staying in (Medical Centre) was the same room he stayed few years ago when he was admitted to the centre. Vaguely I remembered, he was admitted due to heart problem.

Our heartfelt condolences to the family of Dr S.L. Chin on the sad demise of one of Miri's top specialists. It is such a great loss...

Monday, May 16, 2005

This Week's New Stash

Received today. Happy dance : )

I bought a bow kit by Dimensions (designed by Debbie Mumm). I'm really happy with this purchase, i think it is worth-buying kit. Been thinking the way to sew a bow last time. With this kit, I could start a bow project right away with no hassle to figure out how to do the finishing. Wish, I had finished those WIPs now *wink*

Debbie Mumm's Welcome bow kit

Would love to buy another worth-buying kit next time (as usual , stash shopping is a never ending story LOL!)

p/s - Thank you Nik for helping me out with this purchase

Friday, May 13, 2005

In the Mailbox, Today

Happy dance! Happy dance!

Guess what is in my mailbox today? I received my 1st birthday gift this year (my birthdate is June 12th). Thank you Angie!

BDE2005 from Angie Tan

I joined the BDE 2005 (Birthday Exchange 2005). This is actually a stash exchange type. The organiser had listed down the 'compulsory' gifts to be sent out by participants to birthday gals. But the participants are kind-hearted stitchers, apart from sending the compulsory gifts they also include stitched/hand-made items plus other stash as complimentary gifts.

According to the BDE 2005 schedule, Angie had to send me a piece of fabric and birthday card. Yes, I did received the fabby (aida 14ct) PLUS a lovely stitched birthday card, iron-on-embroidery patch, rayon flosses, variegated floss and a beautiful tatted piece.

This year's birthday is going to be one of the most remembered, definitely *wink*. Thank you Angie ! Thank you my stitching friends!

stitched Birthday card and tatted piece

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This Week's Addition to Stash Collection

Today, I received a big envelope from a friend in Singapore. This is actually a long-awaited ones.

She had bought some stash for me much earlier, unfortunately, the pack went MIA before mailing it out. We asked another friend to send it out (on behalf) and somehow she could not trace the whereabout of the pack. I was pretty sad. My friend, Ein is one good-hearted lady, she told me no need to pay her for the loss and offered to buy me another stash. I was delighted and at the same time I felt reluctant. Anyway, Ein insisted and I finally gave in : )

In the big envelope today are
~ XS charts book by ASN (American School of Needlework), applique templates, buttons, floss and 12-inches bellpull dowels.

Thank you Ein, you've made my day! And last but not least, thank you Tic for helping us.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Miri Treasure

It is almost 2 years we have been residing in Miri. And I can see many changes including 2 major constructions since the first day I was here. One month after I arrived in Miri, the new airport was opened and operated for the 1st time. I called it mini KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) because of the similarities in design, only that Miri airport is much smaller than KLIA, of course *wink* . Another big construction is the Asean Bridge connecting Miri and neighbouring country, Brunei.

20th May 2005 will be a historical date for state of Sarawak because on that very day, Miri will be proclaimed a city. I'm actually fond of Miri's mascot ~ seahorse. I told my husband that I would like to stitch something seahorse for my stitching friends who comes to Miri.

Last Sunday, I met Roz, my stitching friend from Sepang. She actually went to Brunei via Miri. I stitched a XS card for her : )

Xs card for Roz

I made my own card blank this time. Bought the A4 size card with a marine life background effect from a bookstore. Unfortunately, It was hard to see the nice effect from a full-size picture. I had to go for dim lighting and took a closer picture. The picture quality is not so good but at least now we can see the background effect.

background effect ~ marine life

Happy News

I have been very lazy to stitch anything lately. I prefer to relax in front of the TV with our 2 lil' princesses watching cooking show or Art Attack. Feel like sleeping all day most of the time.

Well, we were suspecting something is going on and went to see the doctor. *wink*.

No wonder I do not feel itching for stitching, doc said that I'm pregnant! Big grin on my hubby's face.

It is normal for me during the 1st trimester and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I'm kind of lazy to stitch and sew. Fortunately, the 2nd trimester period usually I will be back to my hobby thingies. At the moment I still have some stitching projects to finish and I think I could do it on time since the mailout date is in June.