Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This Week's Addition to Stash Collection

Today, I received a big envelope from a friend in Singapore. This is actually a long-awaited ones.

She had bought some stash for me much earlier, unfortunately, the pack went MIA before mailing it out. We asked another friend to send it out (on behalf) and somehow she could not trace the whereabout of the pack. I was pretty sad. My friend, Ein is one good-hearted lady, she told me no need to pay her for the loss and offered to buy me another stash. I was delighted and at the same time I felt reluctant. Anyway, Ein insisted and I finally gave in : )

In the big envelope today are
~ XS charts book by ASN (American School of Needlework), applique templates, buttons, floss and 12-inches bellpull dowels.

Thank you Ein, you've made my day! And last but not least, thank you Tic for helping us.


Cranko Ein said...

You're most welcome my dearie...
that's the best I could do for you.

Carol said...

Yay! Nothing beats new stash :-)

z_mnor said...

muahhhhs Ein

z_mnor said...

Yes, Carol! That's true!