Friday, May 27, 2005

Update - This & That

It had been awhile, I didn't write anything about my stitching here.

Well, I have finished several small projects ~ 3 stitched greeting cards and a bookmark. At the moment, I could not upload the photos here since the recipients are yet to receive. I continue stitching the needleroll (exchange) and XS keychain, going to mail them out next month.

And my Fickle Minded RR piece has finally came home last week. I still need to finish my part before sending it to the framer this weekend. I would like to hang it on the wall on my birthday : ) Thank you Nik and Azie, you both did a great job on my FM RR!

Talking about birthday, yesterday I received a BDE gift from Usha (Birthday Exchange). In the envie are buttons, sequins, ribbons and a handmade bookmark cum birthday card. Thank you Usha! I have already think of a stitching project using sequins *wink*

Early this week, I got Quick & Easy May 2005 in my mailbox. I know it a was late buying but I'm glad that I bought this issue coz it has many charts that caught my eyes. The June 2005 issue is already on sale and I'm going to have it soon.

Recently, I was inspired to get back to my primary school days' hobby ~ stamp collecting. Thank you Aida for helping me out finding lovely series of year 2003 & 2004 stamps. My previous collection is still at my parents' place. I vaguely remembered that I have old stamps of year 1940s in my collection which I got from my parents. Well, They did not collect stamps actually, but I got the stamps from the envelopes (corresponding letters) which they still kept. Snail mails do have long last values, don't they? *wink*

Back to my stitching...


Adam said...

Tagging you with a meme:

1) Total number of books I own:
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4) 5 books that mean alot to me:
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z_mnor said...

Thank you Adam : )