Thursday, August 16, 2007

MYS Neighbourhood RR 2007 - round 4

Round 4 - I have to stitch on Zarina's RR piece. Unlike the rest of us, she has specifically decided on neighbourhood gardens for her RR theme. The participants have to stitch the 'gardens of their own'.

Knowing that Zarina fancies oriental gardens, I flipped lots of magazines to find oriental sceneries patterns. I couldn't find much but I was really glad to see 'Fujiyama pattern' in one of the magazines. Since the pattern is way too big for the RR, I merely stitched a portion from the whole pattern that includes the coral pink shrubs, stream and pagoda garden lamp/lantern. And stitched a bridge from another pattern, a complement to the oriental landscape. Thought of oriental gardens, that we could always find willow trees next to the bridges or streams, I charted on my own a simple willow tree pattern to 'complete' the garden.

I really enjoyed stitching the oriental garden. I used DMC flosses with some colour changes and adjustments to the patterns for this oriental scenery.

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