Thursday, August 16, 2007

The best fish tank I ever had


A group of tropical fishes had been added to the family since last year - as our little princesses' very own 1st pet. The kids really enjoying watching the fishes swimming around the sunken 'ship' and water plants. My hubby and I also loves having a tank of tropical fishes in the house. Apart from the nice underwater view, it also helps cooling down the temperature during the hot & dry spell. Works wonder as the night lamp (we usually switch off the fish tank's light before we to bed though). Also a focal point in the living room.

Personally, this is the 3rd fish tank I ever had (not to count the tanks that my father has had during my childhood days). My 1st tank was actually a golden fish bowl (many many years ago). Anyway, I didn't have golden fish in it. I put a pair of tropical fishes that didn't need aerated water to live in. They were tough cookie species of tropical fishes. Usually found in the ponds, muddy freshwater and paddy fields. Low and easy maintenance, it just that their looks do not have much for you to adore if you love ornamental fishes.

2nd tank was the plastic ones (medium size). Tiger barbs & dwarf gouramis lived in there not long before we bought the current glass tank complete with the water filter, aerator & light.

Small tropical fishes like tiger barbs & dwarf gouramis do not have higher chances and longer lifespan like other fishes. We at least had 3 batches of tropical fishes since the 1st batch we purchased. The only fish that survives throughout the year is pleco, the tank cleaner or better known locally as 'ikan bandaraya'. You can see Pleco creeping up the wall in the 2nd pic (the black & grey spotted fish). Currently we have tiger barbs, Shanghai carps, cherry barb, koi & 'black skirtings' as well as pleco.

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Lillie said...

Glad to see you blogging again..after soooo loooong...
The NRR looks sweet..very japanese.