Saturday, August 18, 2007

not Claire Bennet

Hanie broke her left arm. Was in the shower when I heard her cry. I went into panic to see her sitting on the couch with a broken arm. Hanie is one tough little honey. She sat still and stopped crying after seeing me panicking. She asked me "Are we going to the hospital?"

After coming back from the hospital, I asked her "Why did you jump?". She replied calmly "I did not. I fell down." Apparently, she was climbing up the double decker. She slipped and fell onto the floor. When we moved into the house, the owner provided us some furnitures including the double decker. The top bed is never been used for sleeping actually and we also had the ladder removed. But somehow it didn't deter our little Hanie from testing her motor skill - climbing up.

The cast would be removed in one month period. Now, when she sees her sisters trying to climb up the couch, table etc, Hanie would say "You better not! It is dangerous. You will break your arm and have to go to the hospital!"

She is just our little honey, not 'Claire Bennet'.

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