Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Flossbook for Joanne

The Stitching Accessories themed Mail Art has safely reached Joanne ! I picked this Mary Garry Sewing Cabin complimentary chart from my collection, I didn't even know its existence until the day that I wanted to start stitching the MA. Stitched using DMC flosses as per charted and did slight changes to pattern. I was pretty skeptical with the colourway intially (it is not the usual colourway I use), but changed my mind completely after I've done stitching.

I made an attempt to make another 2-in-1 mail art. The 1st one is MA cum draw string pouch that I did for Zarina (for Primitive style Mail Art Exchange).

This time is a flossbook for Joanne. The picture quality is not as good as I wanted. Will try to get some pics from Joanne later.


Anonymous said...

Hi..just wanna ask..if i want to order baby quilt set or patchwork for new born can u do it for me..


donnag said...

I love this and never saw a floss book before. Is there a tutorial or pattern for these?

I love your site and will come back often.