Monday, September 10, 2007

A week of ....

.... patchwork & quilting. Last week was definitely a Patchwork & Quilting week for me.

On Monday, Zarina, my dear stitching friend in Penang was sharing her excitement. She began to fall in love with patchwork & quilting and started off a table runner project. I was so inspired by her story.

And on Tuesday, I made a mini quilt, size 10"X10". This is actually my 2nd mini quilt. I've done one last year for our darling Shasha who loves miniature thingies. She claimed that this time is also meant for her. Hmmmm... let me think first *LOL*
I chose autumn colours fabrics. Size of each small square is 2"X2". And sashing is 2" width. Not including seam allowance. Hand quilted. I'm thinking of doing more mini quilts since they are quick to finish. You could make one to three pieces a day depends on your quality of sewing machine and your sewing skill.

On Wednesday, went the nearest needlecraft shop - having a sale until the month end. Bought some fabric stash and inquired on their 'Foundation Piecing' classes. I'm really interested and thinking to start a lesson soon.

Thursday - spent the day flipping through all Patchwork & Quilting magazines and books in my collection. And daydreaming...*LOL*

Friday - went to Bernina 75th Anniversary Exhibition with my quilting friend. Baby Alya tagged along. Her very first bus and LRT ride and my first visit to such exhibition. She looked amazed and I was in awe. Martha (my friend) went stashing crazy at the exhibition. Too bad, I could NOT purchase much since I've done some stashing earlier this week (and in August as well). Met Josephine & Roz from the MYS Yahoo Group and new quilting friends there.

Saturday & Sunday - scrummaging for the UFO. Truly inspired to get back to my patchwork & quilting sessions after seeing those beautifully quilted bedspreads and wall hangings. I even had a dream that night - seeing quilts everywhere I go *LOL*

What a lovely week I had .....


Isabelle said...

What a beautiful mini quilt you made, Zalita. I just made one as a gift and thought I really should be making more. They are so much fun. The fabrics on yours coordinate very well.

Sounds like you had a fantastic week :)

z_mnor said...

Thank You Isabelle. Indeed, we should making more ;)

Lillie said...

Envy your sewing skills. Lovely colors.

Loved your T-bag MA too...and the t-pots fabric.