Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not feeling very well

I actually have things to update as well as photos to upload but I'm not feeling very well since Monday. I caught a flu ... sneezing, stuffy nose , coughing and strep throat make me dizzy.

Thank you for dropping by and leaving some comments.

Hoping that I will feel better tomorrow coz I need to mail out some envelopes and to stitch and to blog and to stitch ;)


whitecalla said...

Poor thing....take plenty of rest.
Hoped you'll have a speedy recovery.

manekineko said...

Hi There

I was looking trough your stitching and it's really well done :)

I was wondering if you'd like the Lil' Honey blog to be included in the syndicated area of at

This way we can get stitching in mail art a little more exposure :)

If it sounds good, drop me a line at

and I can give you more info!



Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Zalita,
Sorry to see you are not well..Get well soon,

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Hello Zalita,

Hope you are feeling better by now! Let me know when you receive your envelope ... it should be arriving by now. I used your parents' address that you gave me and you said you check every 2-3 weeks. Can't wait until you receive it and I suppose I am a bit nervous as it is my very first mail art!

your USA friend,

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

ita... have you recovered? you poor thing.. hope all is well and you can get back stitching and blogging asap!