Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Green Love

I love greenery ~ from succulents to fruits. You name it. My parents are green-fingers. When I was small, we used to live in a big city. Nevertheless, we frequented the small orchards that they've inherited from my grandparents. There were some tropical fruits trees and herbs e.g. durian, mangoesteen, coconut, lemon-grass and etc etc etc. I still have the vivid memory of seeing the freshly-plucked cardamons. Eventhough, now the orchards have not as many trees as before, once awhile my parents will still go there.

It has been more than 18 years now, my parents are residing in countryside and they grew many green plants in their small garden ever since. I used to think that I am a green-finger just like my parents. Unfortunately, only succulents and cacti can 'get along' with me hehehehe ! Thank goodness, these plants are tough and survive the hot & humid weather here. Well, I guess I have my own way to appreciate greenery. Needlework of course ! What else LOL!
'Formal Garden' - Inspirations magazine

My husband loves greenery as well. He and his friends have their own ways to appreciate green. You will know what I mean when you read his blog *wink*

I'm really envy with my parents and green-fingers out there who can spend their time gardening and growing lovely plants, while stitching something garden-related is good enough for me : )

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