Thursday, April 28, 2005

Last Week's Stitching

Last week, was a very non-productive week for stitching. After taking a break from stitching, I restart with a XS for my husband's golfbag. He had been asking me to stitch something golf-related for quite sometime actually. I could not find anything suitable until recently. When I saw a small golf pattern, I remembered that I have a freebie luggage tag from Quick & Easy magazine last year. And then I decided to make it into a golfbag tag.

I took one week to finish which was very unlikely for stitching small items. I think after almost a 2 weeks break, my stitching was becoming slower. Dearest husband was very excited when I showed him the tag. He attached it to his golfbag and forgot to snap a picture for me hehehe. Only today, he took a picture of the golfbag tag.

Golf Addix is my husband's blog title.

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