Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fickle Minded Round Robin (FM RR)

FM RR is a 3 participants-RR. We decided to have only 3 person in this RR because we would like to finish them before our birthdays. Three of us (Nik, Azie and I) are sharing a birth month, JUNE and we are GEMINIANs. They said Geminians are artistic, expressive and fickle minded. Simply decided 'Fickle Minded' is the best name for our RR.

For the theme, Nik decided to stitch Anna Davidson's alphabet on her RR piece. Azie goes for Oriental Fans (featured in UK Crossstitcher magazine December 2004 issue). And I go for 'Garden Charmers' - small patterns with charms by Imaginating.

I have finished stitching on both Nik & Azie's RR. Now I'm eagerly waiting for my own RR piece to 'return' home, I need to finish stitching my part on it. Hope to finish at least one week before my birthday so that I could get it nicely framed and hang it on the wall on my birthday.

my stitching on Nik's FM RR
This alphabet series is from Anna Davidson's 500 Cross Stitch Blocks . I love this alphabet series. You can also find this series in Cross Stitch Collection magazines (2003 issues - if I'm not mistaken : Sept, Oct, Nov).

my stitching on Azie's FM RR

I definitely will stitch this lotus fan again! It is a fabulous design. I'm going to make it into a wall-hanging.

Stitching RR is a good stitching experience. To follow the tight time schedule helps us to discipline ourselves and motivates us to stitch more. We also will realise what is our true limit/potential. I never knew this before - that I could stitch quite fast *wink*. Adding more patience and passion to our efforts, will definitely boost up our energy to stitch faster.


Isabelle said...

Both pieces are lovely! I'm sure Nik and Azie will both love your work! :D

z_mnor said...

thank you Isabelle : )