Thursday, March 31, 2005

Isn't this lovely?

cross stitch on T-shirts ~ Myra's work

Isn't this lovely? The lovely patterns were stitched by a friend in Singapore, Myra. Using a waste canvas (WC) technique on plain colour T-shirts. She told me that she was inspired by me and my stitchings. Oh! It is such a great feeling to know that someone is inspired by my works. I'm flattered.....

Myra's work makes me eager to do another WC project. This technique is used for stitching on a non-stitching fabric. You will find that you can stitch on lots of things in your house e.g. denim jacket, pillowcases, tea cosy, curtains etc etc etc. With Waste Canvas , we will have many stitching ideas as we can stitch cross stitch patterns as well as some specialty stitches.

I have done a WC baby bootees for my younger daughter during my earlier involvement in cross stitching. It was an exciting stitching experience, in addition to the excitement of stitching for my newborn. Now she is a 18months-toddler. Yet to find something to stitch for her and her elder sister. I took the baby bootees template from a XS book by Jan Eaton & Dorothea Hall. I made some changes to the XS pattern and used different fabric from what they have recommended in the book.

baby bootees ~ my 1st waste canvas project


Adam said...

The bootees look so cute.

z_mnor said...

thank you Adam