Sunday, March 13, 2005

Stitching in Progress

I almost finished my XS stitching part on Nik's Fickled Minded Round Robin (FM RR) - about 95% complete! This is an alphabet design by Anna Davidson. Still need some stitchings for the inner part of the alphabet and back stitches to complete.

Another XS item to finish is a pincushion for my friend in Kuala Lumpur. It is sort of encouragement for her as she has just started quilting recently.

Actually, I got a XS bellpull exchange to stitch. I have not done anything yet except for the elementary things before stitching e.g. working copy, preparing flosses & needles, cutting the fabric and preparing the other materials needed for this exchange etc. The mailout date is on April 4th. OMG! I hope to finish it next week *wink*

Work in Progress - Nik's FM RR


Tita said...

Hi Ita.. finally the blog that I have been waiting for. You go girl!!!

Adam said...

Hi 'Lil' Honey'. Got your link from Ez. Welcome to the blogging world.
Ez was complaining that she couldn't leave messages in your blog. I guess, b'cos she is not a blogger and your blog doesn't allow anonymous comments.