Saturday, March 26, 2005

Almost any place, any time

On Wednesday evening, my family and I went out for dinner. Thank goodness, our little princesses behaved very nicely. As you may know that, dining out with toddlers is a 'no-no' to some parents. I guess, we are one of the lucky ones, though sometimes our little princesses do give us a hard time while we are enjoying our food.

Well, what I would like to tell is not a story of parenthood anyway *wink*.

We saw our friend and her cousin at the cafe. I went over to say 'Hi!'. Guess what! They were stitching Applique SAL while waiting for their kids from the tuition classes. It was so envious to see the pretty patterns and craftmanship. They have lovely cottons too! I was drooling over the stash they brought along. Inspired me to get back to patchwork and quilting. Actually I am thinking of getting back to patchwork and quilting (P&Q) in next 2,3 months. P&Q was my 2nd passion in needlwork. Surface embroidery remains my numero uno. When I was very green in needlework, a friend of mine taught me how to do patchwork. I still have almost complete P&Q tools in my stash collection. I just need to stock on cottons to restart P&Q. Wow! Another stash shopping mark on the calendar LOL !

a patchwork pincushion for Margaret (MYS Craft Exchange 2004)

It is a common habit among stitchers, to bring along their stitching bag and some of their stash collection wherever they go. And it is nothing extra-ordinary for us, to stitch in the public. some may even stitch in an airplane! Or even when the traffic light turns red , at the bus station, LRT station and many more.

Stash shopping is a never-ending story to us. Some may go stash shopping while they are on a holiday abroad. Stash shopping may a monthly activity to some stitchers. I got friends who take a leave simply because they are going for stash shopping LOL! To some, they don't even need to get out from the house for stash shopping. I'm one of them *wink*. Thanks to the cyber world, we can stash shopping from home! Internet needleshops (INS) are easy to find. Thanks to communication technology, stitchers can SMS or call each other while stash shopping!

It is almost anywhere and anytime, stitchers go for stash shopping. And we do stitching at almost any place and any time.

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