Monday, March 14, 2005

stitch with me

When I joined a Yahoo Group for stitchers, I came across with this term ~ SAL. Initially, it only reminded me of my 2 friends who are sharing a same nickname. I really did not have any ideas of what is SAL doing in cross stitch world. I did some research asked the more experienced stitchers. Only then, I came to know that SAL is a "stitch-along", originally where several needleworkers held regular meet-ups to stitch or sew the same design/pattern at the same time e.g. stitching cross stitch flower design for Spring. They could sharing some tips and exchanging ideas on the particular ongoing project.

Nowadays, people could get together in the cyber world without leaving home. and online SAL is becoming very popular. As for me, SAL is another learning method for a needleworker and highly recommended to a beginner.

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