Monday, March 28, 2005

cards, cards, cards

Today I received a 'Cross Stitch Card Shop' magazine from my stitching friend in Subang Jaya, Nik. I asked her to look for the magazine b'coz I could not find it in Miri. I'm very happy flipping through the magazine since it is my first issue. And it has lots and lots of nice patterns to stitch! Would love to get the next issue *wink*

Stitched cards is one of my favourite cross stitch items. It is pretty quick to do. I still remember my 1st stitched card, it was a not-so-nice card actually. Anyway, I'm glad that the recipient likes it.Since then my passion for stitched cards becomes stronger, I stitched more and more cards.

'Rocking Cradle' designed by Lesley Teare with colour scheme changed (to pink)

I made my own rectangle/square apertures card blanks. Luckily, now I can ask Nik to make the round/oval apertures for me. She loves card-making and has made many beautiful handmade cards as well as card-making tools ~ rubberstamping, tea bag folding, cross stitched etc etc etc. Anyway, I only make stitched cards since my great passion is needlework.Moreover, I need to buy those tools if I wanted to venture into card-making which I am not very keen to do.

'Little House' designed by Sue Cook with minor colour change

Sue Cook is my favourite designer for stitched cards. She has a lots lovely designs and I am looking forward purchasing her book in near future. At the moment, I KIV my stitched cards project coz I need to finish the XS Bellpull Exchange which is now is 85% complete and Fickle Minded Round Robin (FM RR) to finish before our birthdays in June (three of us are sharing a birthday month *wink*)

Oh... I really missed stitching cards! : )


Isabelle said...

Oh your cards are nice! I'm really glad I discovered your blog :o)
I love your taste! Happy stitching!

Madder said...

I always envy people who could make beautiful things out of nothing.. I could hardly stitch, but I love seeing beautiful things. :P

z_mnor said...

Isabelle, I think I saw some nice cat patterns in 'Cross Stitch Card Shop' magazine issue 40. Reminds me of your Violette : )

z_mnor said...

Madder, myself also love seeing beautiful things as well as reading interesting journal like yours *wink*

Adam said...

Wow! You are really talented. It was wasted in that small office in Ampang ;-)

z_mnor said...

hehehehe Adam. well, reality bites. Anyway, I'm happy with what I have and who I am now *wink*