Monday, June 27, 2005

bitten by a bug...ouuuchhh !

Dont't worry friends. I'm not literally bitten by a bug *wink* . Here is my story of being bitten by an 'applique' quilting bug '

Somehow about a week ago after visiting a LNS (local needle shop), I started on new needlework projects - hand applique quilting. I had tried machine applique quilting during the earlier days of my involvement in needlework. That was a very novice piece of work. But i am really amused with hand applique, never thought that hand-applique is lot more interesting than patchwork and machine-applique. Within a week I managed to stitch 2 pieces of applique stitching. I need to visit the LNS one more time before I do the quilting part.

Wash day blues

This pattern is from Naive & Country Quilts magazine which I bought a long time ago. It is a basic & simple pattern suitable for novice quilters.

tea time

This pattern is from Patchwork & Quilting magazine but I modified the pattern to my liking and planning to replace the sugar canister ( below teapot) with cupcakes.It took more time to stitch since it was trickier to stitch the overlapping appliques and the pattern size is bigger.


~Harsha~ said...

thats adorable Cheeze! i esp love the teapots etc etc..

z_mnor said...

Thank you Sha : )

Hey! I didn't know that you have a blog already. You should mention it in the groups *wink*

~Harsha~ said...

oh lol.. malulah LOL

roz said...

wow cheez! new hobby heh? did u ever found out abt that cotton shop that u mentioned to me when i was in miri?

z_mnor said...

Roz, my friend told that it merely takes 3hrs to and fro plus stash shopping. LMK yr next visit, I'll get the location map for you : )