Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stashing, Enabling & Fish Tale

For the past few months, I didn't have much time to spend for stitching & sewing. There are some projects have been postponed for quite some time. Nevertheless, stashing is a different story. It is a never-ending story actually. I did some stash-shopping in Miri & Kuala Lumpur. Not much cross stitch stuff anyway, more on patchwork & quilting and some crocheting stuff.

I took my sister, Sabrina, to meet my stitching friends in Kuala Lumpur. We went for a short trip to a LNS. And guess sister wanted to learn to cross stitch ! I bought her a simple kit for a start.

A visit to Miri's newest cotton shop was rather exciting. The owner is sharing a show house with her teakwood furniture dealer husband. It is a bungalow house to be specific. I must admit that patchwork wallhangings & tablerunners look really gorgeous displayed together with the teakwood furniture. Anyway, her cotton collection was what I craze about. I bought abundance of half yards, fat quarters and fat eighths of cotton. The colours are vibrant and the prints are my favourite themes e.g. teacups, polka dots, weave, oriental & vines. I bought some batik prints fat eighths as well. And the best part is, a friend of mine (dear Lim) who drove me to the shop developed some interests to pick up patchwork. Me & Lina (the shop owner) were like further fanning her sparks of interest. Lim is planning to take patchwork lessons during her long holiday end of the year.

I found some golf prints from another cotton shop in Kuala Lumpur. There some projects (for my DH) in mind.I also stocked up some crochet yarns & hooks since I've been crocheting quite actively these days. Our friend's daughters (Athira & Alia) regularly spend their time with the 3 darling princesses. Athira saw 2 crocheted hats I did for baby Alya and she asked me to teach her to crochet. I promised to teach her during the long school holiday at the end of the year. And she is already bought the hook & yarn!

Enabling is as much fun as stashing. I'm excited to see my sister, my friend and our friend's daughter are their way to be part of the needlecraft world.

And lastly but not least, the latest addition to our family, small tropical pet fishes! We really enjoy their company since July. Currently we have 16 of them.

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whitecalla said...

Welcome back !!! Am thrilled to see you blogging again. Missed you for sooooo looong.Great stashing there. Glad that you have finally settled down and the baby? running oledi?