Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tribute to a Dear Friend

I have not been blogging and blog hopping for quite sometime. Apart from busy with the kids, I was bogged down with sadness.

A good friend of mine passed away 2 months ago. At that time around, my lil Alya was merely one-month old and I was barely recovered from the c-sect operation. I needed a good rest and tried not to be so sad over the loss. But it was kind of denial coz deep down in my heart, I have some regrets for not being in touch with her last year. I was dumbstruck by her death as I didn't know that she was very sick and bedridden in a hospital.

I started to know her during a Mother's Day luncheon several years ago. She was a happy-go-lucky gal had the lunch with several of her closest friends and I was on a part-time job helping to run a catwalk show for one local designer. After the show, some of us stayed back at the club enjoying the music. I had a chitchat with her and exchanged phone number. Since then, we became closer. Some friends called her 'a pain in the ass', some women called her 'bitchy', some men called her 'flirt' . Yes, we didn't agree for several matters of life but we didn't stop to care and support each other when one of us were in trouble & misery. Our friendship was kind of unique, we hate and love each other. I guess that is what sibling rivalry means, she told me that I was like a little sister to her. I'm not so close to my brothers and I hardly knew my half-sister (she passed away in 2004), and so I treasure every friendship I have.

After I got married, I followed my hubby overseas. My friend and I, didn't kept in touch frequently as she was not very IT literate. Time and distance had drew us apart. I lead a different lifestyle and busy with dear hubby and kids. Eventhough we came back to Malaysia for good, but the place where we are residing now is still far away from the metropolitan, Kuala Lumpur. My friend and I did rang up each other several times before early 2005, but she never mention that she is sick (she died of cancer).

I was very sad losing her as I didn't have the last chance to meet her. I'm feeling much better now after talking to a physician, initially I thought I was sick but he has confirmed that pathologically, I am very healthy. He said that I was too upset over something and it made me feel sick. He asked me not bottle up what I feel.

THANK YOU to my dear hubby who being very supportive, to my lil Hanie who never fail to ask me "Are you OK, mom?" every time I threw up in the bathroom, to my darling Shasha & Alya who always brings smile to my face, to my friends who listens to my ramblings, to my blog visitors who leaves some comments and emails me. All of you have inspired me to blog again and made me feel much much much better. THANK YOU.

Lillie - sorry for not replying your email yet, will do it soon
Gina - I had promised to email you but haven't do so, will do it soon
Ann - I'm preparing the step-by-step pics, will upload to my webshots when I'm done


junesctung said...

I'm sorry to hear of your friend's passing. Take care of yourself and whilst no consolation is enough at this time, time will heal.

Gina E. said...

Dear Zalita,
Hugs across the sea to you, my friend. I also lost a dear friend unexpectedly early this year, and it really blew me away too. Don't fret about emailing me - just spend your spare time with your precious little ones, and continue with the healing process.

Isabelle said...

Dear Zalita,
I'm so sorry to read how sad you've been feeling. I was assuming that you were simply devoting yourself to your three daughters and just didn't have much time for stitching and blogging. I was thinking of you, but not worrying... Now I'll think even *more* of you. Remember you have friends all around the planet. (((((hugs))))) and fond thoughts from France!

Kiwi Jo said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you find peace soon.

whitecalla said...

So sorry to hear of the lost of someone closed to the heart, thot u were bz with the kids, stop worrying
Take care and get well soon,
hugs, Lillie

Adam said...

Really sad to hear about your friend.

Take care.

toughcookie said...

take care, dear... biasala kan, it's part and parcel of life. be strong...

~Harsha~ said...

Tuhan lebih sayangkan dia.. kita doakan dia dari jauh.

siouxsiesweets said...

sorry to hear about your friend, its not nice when its so much of a shock, and i think its good you have started to pick yourself up again hopefully you will keep those good memories of your friendship with you, take care siouxsie