Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Mail Art from Zarina

It has been quite sometime, no update here. I was preoccupied with activities besides stitching. Family & relatives visits, weddings to attend and outing with friends (and stitching friends too!) etc. Personally I have to say, being back in the big city made my life busier yet enjoyable. Hubby & I did a lot of catching-ups with families and friends. And the kids enjoyed it too.

Here I would like to share some pics of Winter MA I've received earlier this month.

Snowman from Lizzie*Kate Stamp-It January 2005 stitched on 28ct lugana. I simply love the matching fabric - snowflakes print and the batik post stamps. It made this Winter MA much more adorable !

Thank you Zarina for such a lovely Mail Art as well as the silk flosses that you put in the MA.

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Anonymous said...

And such a sweet MA. :)