Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Winter Mail Art - personal swap

Yesterday, the Winter Mail Art (MA) has safely reached Zarina, my stitching friend in Penang. I felt a great relief! Congrats to Pos Malaysia. It is a rather quick mail delivery service, I thought it wouldn't be any earlier than Wednesday.

Stitched on 28ct Lugana colonial blue using some leftover overdyeds and DMC. Pattern by Little House Needleworks (LHN) - I did some adjustments to the pattern. I love LHN charts as well as Country Cottage Needleworks charts. Stitching on darker fabrics is tricky when it comes to backstitch. Normally, mail artists will backstitch the addresses, but I had to stitch them over one thread. Trust me, stitching the addresses took me longer time than stitching the house & snowman.

If you happened to wonder why both of us (Zarina & I) decided to stitch a winter-themed MA while in the contrary, we live in the part of the world where snow never fall. The answer is simply because we have lots winter patterns from the magazines and hardly stitch any. It was fun for me actually, I enjoy stitching the snowflakes.

The MA is lined with flannel. I couldn't find a matching cotton fabric. There is no winter-themed buttons in my collection, simply stitched a snapper as the closure and embellished with heart-shaped bead. I really enjoy stitching the Winter MA and really satisfied with the outcome.


- Azie - said...

A nice piece indeed !! I like the idea why both of U stitched this winter MA... ;)

whitecalla said...

That's the fun in doing theme exchanges, one gets to stitch a design otherwise would have never done. LNH - simply adorable.