Sunday, November 26, 2006

Time flies & Mail Art incident

Yesterday was baby Alya's 1st birthday. She began toddling already (most of the time cruising though) and tried to leap once. Like her sisters during their toddling time, Alya doesn't seem to have problems with climbing the bed & the couch, and able to get back down on her own. You don't have to guess, Alya's toddling time is a nerve-wracking time for me *LOL*. This is not my first time. All my darling princesses do. When they grew bigger, I can laugh at memories of the hard times they gave me. The sweetness of parenthood is what they called it.

Alya loves to mimic us talking on the phone, she will grab the remote control and say "ho oo". And when sees us eating, she will say "nyum nyum". She loves music too. Will stand up on her feet and wiggle her body to the music. How time flies quickly. Last year, she was just a frail tiny baby.

And also yesterday was my 1st time visiting the Post Office , about 150 metres away from home. Our neighbour's daughter is the who help me with the mailings before. I wanted to mail out the Winter Mail Art. Finished it almost 2 weeks ago but my friend and I agreed to month-end mailout (it is a personal swap). FYI, there are some complaints & incidents, mail artists experience when to mail their finishes to the recipients . e.g.last time in Miri, they declined to process the mail art when my hubby took it to the small PO in the neighbourhood.

This time, I was armed with a mail art I received in my bag . The air-conditioned PO with glass door & panels greeting the visitors is rather small yet convenience. There are 3 counters and a lady officer was behind the counter when I took out the Winter mail art. She refused to process it.
Oh no! Be cool.." I told myself. Then I showed her the mail art received from Wendy. She called the p-o-s-t-m-i-s-t-r-e-s-s (read POSTMISTRESS) and discussed the situation. "Oh please! please please" I was practically begging them *LOL*. Well, they were admiring the mail arts actually and after moments of thinking, Mrs Postmistress finally said "YES!". I was brimming with joy & relief at the same time. And now I hope in the next few days, the mail art will be in the hands of my friend safe and sound.


Outi said...

And they say crafting soothes your nerves? *grin*
That sounds like a nervewracking moment... but maybe it's the journey that counts, and not those setbacks that count. (So, crafting makes one a philosopher, it seems. *g*)

z_mnor said...

true indeed, Outi!