Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A picture of another stitching

As promised, there is another picture to share. A small giftie for another birthday girl. Harsha is one of the Birthday Exchange participants, her birthday was on the 5th November (a day after our anniversary). On that day, she opened the gifts she have received including the package from me.

I stitched her a simple potpourri sachet with her initial, sent it along with a bag of potpurri and stitching goodies.

I'm thinking of stitching more sachets after I downloaded this picture from the camera. This is the 2nd sachet I ever stitched (1st was the Halloween sachet). Personally I think , potpourri/scented sachet is a sweet giftie.

Talking about stitching, I am still 'battling' with the finishing touch of a bellpull which have been delayed for months and stitching the Popcorn Bear freebie. I don't actually feel like stitching eventhough lots of stitching/sewing ideas on my mind. Luckily, I've decided not to join any exchanges (since midyear till end of the year) except for 2 more BDEs to be sent out (no stitched item is required tho'). If I do feel like missing stitchings & stuff, I simply browsing stitchers blogs to view their recent finishes and etc. BTW, Bloglines is recommended for the convenience of reading other blogs :)


Isabelle said...

That is just so cute! What a lovely present for Harsha! I bet she loved it.

I plan to fill the sachet you made me with potpourri as well - need to find some special "Christmas"-scented potpourri ;o)

Thank you again for your lovely gifts!

~Harsha~ said...

thats just so sweet Cheeze!! thank you again :)

z_mnor said...

Isabelle - thank you. I'm glad that you like it

Harsha - you're most welcome :)