Monday, April 17, 2006

Designer Mail Art Exchange - part 1

Again, April 1st is the mailout date for another exchange - Designer Mail Art Exchange organised in Mail Art Friends Yahoo Group (Mail Art by thread & needle). The participants were asked to stitch either Lizzie*Kate or Bent Creek pattern according to their recipients' preference. Anyway, many of us didn't want to pick a fav, we let our exchange partner decided on the patterns.

Last week, I received a lovely MailArt from Wendy. Even Mr Postman was smitten with admiration, he had a big smile on his face when he delivered the MA to me.

It is a Lizzie*Kate pattern stitched on linen. OOOhhh ! I just love the colours, so vibrant and cheery. Wendy is fondly nicknamed as the 'Queen of Mail Arts' in another Yahoo Group b'coz she had made & sent out many beautiful Mail Arts, be it for exchanges or personal swaps, even kindly sending them out to her families.

My recipient is yet to receive a MailArt from me. Will upload a pic, once it is safe in the hand of the recipient.


whitecalla said...

Its so lovely,my guessed is,Mr Postman is not the only one smiling.

~ Lillie..

Isabelle said...

How gorgeous!! :)

z_mnor said...

Lillie absolutely ! *ROTFLOL*

Isabelle Indeed! it is gorgeous!

- Azie - said...

U R the lucky ones Cheez ! And Wendy really the MA Queen.. Can't wait to see it in person, when U back here for good..

~Harsha~ said...

what a lovely mailart !

Gina E. said...

Hi Zalita,
I have been searching Yahoo groups for hours, but can't find that Mail Art Group. Would you be able to post a link to me? If you can leave a message on Patra's Place with the link, that would be soooo much appreciated!