Monday, April 10, 2006

This & that - April

Last week, I was too lazy to pick up a needle. I did some browsing, then decided to change the look of my blog. My hubby said it looks neater than the previous one. I'm happy with the way the blog header turned out though the blog wrapper is not the exact colour that I wanted.

Much later of the week, I continued sewing the baby quillow but somehow put off by the applique' blocks. It is my first time of sewing the turned edge applique' and yet to get the hang of it. Before, I've done the blanket stitch edge applique', I feel that it is much more easier and faster to sew. Certainly I need another to finish sewing the baby quillow since it is a handsewn & handquilted project. Wish me luck

Itching to see a finished item, I sewed up a small stitched piece (previously done in January) into a mini pyramid-shaped cushion. Since I filled it up with some poly-pellets, it can be used as a paperweight. Poly-pellets are the bead-like stuffing that we used in making softie/plush toys. I just found a packet of poly-pellets which I bought few years ago.There were 2 packets, I used one of them in flower arrangement, I filled up the flower vase with
poly-pellets after I put the imitation flowers in the vase.

And then, I resumed stitching one of my WIPs - It's time for Tea by Alma Lynne. Surprisingly, I managed to stitch about 40% more with a faster stitching pace if I had to compare with the last time I was on this particular project. Another 30% to go, hopefully by end of this week I will be able to finish it.

And I also started a
NEW project, a quick to finish 'cute hedgehog' from a magazine. Stitched on 14ct lilac aida using DMC flosses. It requires wholestitch only hence it's soooo cute, I barely took one morning (not the whole morning but few hours) to finish it

It seems, a stick-in-the-mud start for last week but happily ended with smile on my face


vEr0n!c@ said...

Aww... your MS hedgehog is so cute! Looks like you've been busy. The fabric you choosed for It's Time for Tea is different. Gives it a very unique look.

junesctung said...

Pretty productive for the month of April considering that its not even mid-month yet.

z_mnor said...

Vero Thanks! It's true it had been a busy week though it was slow in the beginning. I love the checkered linen, it just that its price is really killing...!!! ouchhh!!! Wish I had more money to spend on such nice materials *LOL*

June Thank you! I even more motivated this week to stitch & sew

natty68 said...

I like the new blog look, its very calming :)

The MS hedgehog is a real cutie :) And I love the pyramid shape ornament, what an orginal idea :) Do you have instructions on how to do it, or was it a case of winging it and hoping it came out okay :)


Kim said...

Love your new blog design, very nice!
All your projects look great. The pyramid paperweight is so cute! And the hedgehog, adorable!

- Azie - said...

what a productive April yea.. !! we're now on 2nd week of April but U hv done some much on your stitching. yr quillow (make a full use of d fabric huh).. the pyramid & the cute hedgehog are all marvelous.. keep it up !!

whitecalla said...

Looking good, loved the new look. Both the pyramid and the hedgehog are such cutie.
~ Lillie :)

z_mnor said...

Natty Thank you. About the pyramid-shaped stuff, I did some browsing on Japanese craft and saw something similar to what I used to play when I was little. It's a folk game that we called "batu seremban" (bah-too sir-ram-bun). We actually will use some pebbels for this game but some of us will handsew some fabrics & made them into cubes or pyramid to replace the pebbles. I've uploaded the tutorial *wink*

Kim, Azie & Lillie Thank you

Isabelle said...

Hello dear Zalita, your blog is looking very nice this way! (although I loved your previous look as well :) )
Your quillow is going to be so pretty! How lovely :) And those two small finishes are cute as can be :)

Have a nice weekend! :)

Gina E. said...

I agree with everyone else here; your new-look blog is lovely. And the hedgehog is soooooooooo cute!

z_mnor said...

Isabelle & Gina Thank you!