Friday, April 21, 2006

MYS Exchange 2006 round 2 - part II

On Tuesday, I received a pleasant surprise from Wendy. A lovely cheery bookmark.

She stitched on 28ct lugana using vibrant colours of flosses. I love it very much and asked a framer to frame it.

This is what I love about MYS Exchange 2006; the element of surprise. For round 2, I stitched a bookmark for Angie and I'm surprised by 3 lovely items (needlebook, tuck/flanged pillow & bookmark) received from other participants.


- Azie - said...

I wish the bookmark meant for me ;)

Isabelle said...

I love your Tea finish! Congrats! And that bookmark is very pretty and very "you" I think :)
Your MA is pretty as well - so fresh!

Enjoy your week-end :)

z_mnor said...

Azie Ohh no! Now I remember I still 'owe' you a bookmark. Gosh! I guess I have to dig it out from my stash . I couldn't remember exactly where I keep it. Or else I better make another for you *wink*

Isabelle thank you. Indeed! The bookmark is very "me" *wink* Love everything - the hanging flower basket, watering can, bee & flowers. They are all in vibrant colours