Monday, April 17, 2006

MYS Exchange 2006 round 2

April 1st was the mailout date for Round 2 of MYS Exchange 2006

For this round, I sent a bookmark to Angie :

It is one of
Joan Elliott charts in last year World of Cross Stitching magazine. However, due to some miscalculation, inavailabilty of some flosses & a matter of preference, there are some adjustments made to the chart. I stitched on silver perforated paper using DMC & overdyed flosses.

In this round I received a pleasant surprise - a needlebook from Angie

The pic doesn't do justice to her stitching which is very neat in real life. She stitched on 18ct beige damask aida. Wow! I have to say, it is rather impressive! I had some difficulties when I tried stitching on black damask aida last time. I love the shiny effect that the fabric have though.

And today, I received a beautiful flanged pillow from Roz.

I simply love the colour combination & pattern. YES, it is very TRUE,
Simple Pleasures Are Best. Thanks Roz, you really brightened up my day.


Isabelle said...

Love the bookmark you sent to Angie, and what you received from her! But above all, I really love what Roz sent you - I am partial to flanged pillows ;)

z_mnor said...

Isabelle Thank you! I was curious about flanged pillows before, love to learn how to sew one for me. I'm thrilled receiving one from Roz. I think now I have some ideas on how to sew a flanged pillow. Will be in to-do list *wink*

- Azie - said...

yeahh Cheez, the bookmark to Angie really nice.. the flanged pillow from Roz very cute !!