Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What I did in February - part I

Early February was the mailout date for 3 exchanges I participated in.

MYS Surprise Exchange 2006 is a whole-year commitment exchange. We are required to stitch 6 items (bookmark, needlecase, bookmark, biscornu, stitching pouch & tuckpillow) and each item will be mailed out every 2 months. The surprise/suspense part is everyone of us will not stitch the same item and mail it out to the same recipient for the particular mailout date. And at the end of the year, every one of us will still receive the 6 stitched items. It is something like a 'wait and see' game

For the 1st mailout, i stitched a biscornu for Wendy .

It was not really easy for me to adapt a chart for stitching a biscornu. After so much browsing and hesitation, I settled for a freebie border from a Bulgarian site (if I'm not mistaken) with some adjustment. Decided to stitch a dual tone - one on grey linen and the other on colonial blue lugana (I don't have a matching linen)

And it was a pleasant surprise to receive a biscornu from Roz for this particular mailout date. It is very lovely, you should visit her blog. BTW, I only received one of those shown in the pix: the other one is for Roz's another exchange partner

MYS Valentine Stitched Card Exchange 2006 - I happened to stitch several pieces before I settled with this :
Simply stitching 'love' using several alphabet charts. Padded the back of the stitched piece heavily with batting and embellished with ribbons and 'heart' bead mimicking a floating big heart-shaped balloon. Sent out to Bee Ee together with some beads & buttons and floss. She really like it and in return she mailed me the Women Weekly. I'm very excited as it had been a long time I didn't read/buy such magazine. I think I read/bought too many craft mags lately

And I received such an interesting card from Lillie - with dangling heart , 'open sesame' birdhouse and etc. And a lovely needlecase and beeswax candle. Visit her blog and you will know what I mean.

Needlecrafter Valentine Stitched Card 2006 - this is the 1st time I used perforated paper for stitching card (I've done a bookmark before). A simple patchwork heart pattern (I forgot the designer, will check it out later). With layers of organza, lace and craft paper, it turned out the way I wanted it to be. Sent out to Hani together with some stitching goodies.
In return, received a card from Rozie together with bead bracelets and pin. Thank you Rozie. sorry, I haven't upload the photos yet. will do it later.


- Azie - said...

Great job, Cheeze !! Seems February is your productive stitching month.. keep it up..

Gina E. said...

What is a biscomu?

z_mnor said...

Azie thanks. Indeed, February is a productive month. I guess it's bcoz I didn't spend much time on other things including housechores *ROTFLOL*

Gina biscornu is an eight-cornered pincushion . Here is the link "how to make a biscornu" http://silepointcompte.free.fr/bricotruc/biscornu.htm
(it is in French but with the pics it's pretty easy to learn to make one)

Gina E. said...

Oh! Thanks for explaining, and for the link - neat!