Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What I did in February - part II

I managed to stitch several small pieces in February. All of them are the charts from magazines. The bikini was actually a January WIP. Tigger and flower bouquet are mag freebies. The sunflower and pincushion patterns are adapted from bigger charts and already finished as needlecases as you can see in my PictureTrail album. The pincushion is from Joan Elliot's.

And I'm tempted to stitch 'Stitcher's Alphabet' by Brooks Publishing . As the newsletter is bimonthly, I definitely have to wait until end of the year to complete stitching the alphabet. Here is what I've stitched so far :


Gina E. said...

Hi Zalita,
I can't get over all the freebies you stitch. I don't buy magazines, so I probably miss out on a lot of freebies, and the patterns I find online seem 'tacky' to me. But your pictures always look so cute! I guess I am not looking in the right places :-(

Kim said...

Looks like you were very busy in Feb. Great job on all the projects! :D Love the Valentine card and pincushions!

whitecalla said...

Very adorable pieces...good work Cheeze

z_mnor said...

Gina Thank you. Please let me if you were interested to stitch any of the freebies (from websites). I will relocate the link for you.

Kim & Lillie@WC Thank you!

Rozita said...

You had started the freebies!! I love them too. I haven't plan anything yet, but definitely going to stitch this one. What fabby do u use?