Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mode : Stitching Slump

Goshhh ! I haven't been cross stitching for more than a week !

My 2 kids (Hanie & Shasha) and I were down with fever last week. Recovered but still coughing a bit. Luckily, my hubby and baby Alya are in good health. I hate when it's time to take up medicine. Nooooo, it's not me who hates medicine, our 2 darling princesses will quickly think of something to distract us from giving them medicine. Cheeky gals...!

By mid of last week, 3 of us have recovered from fever despite the 'syrupy thug-of-wars'. Thank goodness, I managed to finish one of the exchanges (no XS, just finishing) coz later that week, I was distracted from stitching by watching the Commonwealth Games on TV. Hardly pick a needle except for finishing a MailArt which is barely finished yesterday. No mood for XS but itching to sewing. I've started the baby quillow project - I'm doing some applique' blocks at the moment. I'm thinking to resume stitching my WIPs only after I've finished the quillow *wink*

Oooopsy ! I forgot to show you my latest craze - softie.... I made one for the kids (merely one as Hanie doesn't really play with softies & dolls). Shasha seems to love Kittie very much inspite of the odd-looking ears. Here is a pix of Kittie behind the wheel


Isabelle said...

Hello Zalita, I'm sorry to read your family has been sick :(
The kitty is so cute! Can't wait to see the quillow, those are so handy :)

Take care :)

~Harsha~ said...

ohhh demam ye.. kesian :) Kittie is cute btw :)

Malaika said...

Hello , nice work ...visiting your blog for first time.

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

Kucing is so cute!! Good to know that everyone is feeling better now.

z_mnor said...

Hi Isabelle, Harsha & Zohrah thank you. I wanted to make more softies in the future and the baby quillow is about 40% completed.

Hi Malaika Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a nice blog, will put a link to my blog soon

whitecalla said...

Loved the new look Cheeze.
~ Lillie