Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Morning Cup

I saw this morning cup challenge in San's and Lillie's few days ago but haven't got the chance to snap some photos. My favourite morning cup WAS the mug that I bought in Genting Highlands (Theme Park) several years ago. I bought it b'coz of Tabby (the cat that holding the alphabet T). Tabby The Cat is one of the theme park's mascots. I simply love teddie bears and tabby cats. Unfortunately, I recently broke the handle Anyway I have the Famous Amos Cookies cup to replace with. I love this cup for two reasons : one - b'coz it is just perfect for one sachet of my favourite cereal drink and second - bear bear bear

There is another mug that my hubby and I really treasure. We bought this mug few years before we came to Sarawak. It is an oversize mug, I use it if I would like to take 2 sachets of cereal drink in the morning.


~Harsha~ said...

that Sarawak mug is really lovely!

Golf Addix said...

why not we start mugs exchange when we finally moved to the northern states. I guess we will be bringing home lots of mugs from miri and maybe all can get one uniquely from where they are staying. Ehmmm not twin tower mugs mugs are welcome.

z_mnor said...

Sha Indeed, it caught my eyes the very first time i saw it. Like my Dh said, we could do a Mug Exchange if you wanted to. We have another couple of months in Miri. Will be moving to a northern state in Peninsular soon