Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another enabling story

I was enabling my friend, Amy, with some quick to stitch patterns recently. And yesterday, we went out to a LNS in the city. She bought some flosses & stuff for her 1st project after several years of stitching hibernation. She used to stitch big projects - up to 30" X 30" stitched area. Due to her busy schedule, she couldn't afford to spend her spare time for stitching anymore. Somehow, since several months ago her busy life has changed to slower pace days. She frequently visiting me and seeing my WIPs , framed pieces on the wall and small finishes in the display cabinet has made her, itches for stitching again. This time, she said she wanted to stitch something small on the smaller count aida (years ago, she big projects stitched on 11ct & 9ct). She also bought a cross stitch magazine yesterday! The most exciting part - she has started a project not long after we were back from the LNS. Bravo, Amy!

Some time in January, My brother and his family came to our house. Guess what? I found my sis-in-law looked at the framed pieces on the wall without blinking her eyes. She was so excited to see to my needlecraft projects especially the cross stitch pieces. Actually, my sis-in-law is the one who initiated me to start cross stitching back in 2002 (towards the year end). Before that, I was more into patchwork quilting, smocking and free-style embroidery. I actively stitching since early 2004, on the contrary my sis-in-law had slowly losing interest in cross stitch and tossed away her stitching stuff in the closet. After the visit (to our place), she was inspired to stitch again and resumed working on her UFO - DMC Roses. And revisited a craft shop to stock on some flosses. Way to go, Umi !

Well, some of you might remember that my sister, Sabrina began stitching last year. I'm afraid that she wouldn't be able to start any cross stitch projects in near future as she is now in a different world - world of romance ...heads over heels I suppose hehehehe . I wish you love, I wish you happiness, my darling sis!

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